Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Drunk on eBay. . . . .

Oops!...I did it again,
I played with your heart, got lost in the game


I have had a bit of a wobble and fallen off the 'no new miniatures' wagon.

First I was at BOYL 2015 at the Foundry on Sunday.

This resulted in me buying this lot. . . . .

The Orklings were too cute to refuse and I have had my eye out for a 'sandwich' board man for ages for my Bloodbowl stadium, the rat catcher was sitting right next to him so I snatched him up. The seven Dwarves had to be had once I had seen them painted up in the Foundry display cases!

The conversation with the lovely fella behind the counter (who was probably a big cheese in the oldhammer world!) went something like this.

"Hi, there is only 4 dwarves in this pack but I need seven dwarves".
"Thats OK young man, we can find the original moulds and cast them for you now!"
"EHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!! Really! How long will that take?"
"About half an hour young man. Is that ok?"
Needless to say I could not get my money out quick enough!

Flush from all the old skool goodness from BOYL the above herberts are to be the beginnings of my 'Dr. Gostello's amazing intergalactic psycho-circus'. 

As far as I can tell this has never been made so this might be a Rogue Trader first (but I doubt it).

Once I got home I had a couple of drinks and remember going upstairs to blog the photos from the weekend. . . . . I guess I was still giggly and silly from the weekend because it seems I had gone on ebay afterwards and started clicking!

Today this lot turned up!

Thats not so bad right?

However I think I was still suffering 'Deathrace' envy as this turned up today. . . . . . 

To quote Gimli "That still only counts as one!"

I have no bloody idea what I am going to do with this!


  1. Well, clearly you're going to paint it...

    1. . . . . . well clearly ! ;0)

      BUT this is easily the biggest thing I will have ever painted!

      Damn my drunken eyes!

    2. There are actually some really good YouTube tutorials Games Workshop have put out on their channel. I can dig out the links if you're interested.

    3. that would be great thanks but no rush as I have about 500 things to paint first!

      The lad has already clocked it and asked "Is that for my orkz Daddy?" ;0)

  2. Replies
    1. Deathrace BOYL 16 here we come!

      See you there ;0)

  3. I have them 'slipknot' dwarfs... Somewhere.

  4. Only way to buy when on ebay, nice and drunk, its amazing what you can pick up :-)


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