Sunday, 24 August 2014

1st Lustrian Expeditionary Forces. Unfurl your banner!

So here it is the final piece of the puzzle for my 1500 points of Empire forces for the "Tale of 4 gamers"

I took a chance and did the whole thing free hand. It's nice to see my painting has come on as I would never have had the ability to pull this off 6 months ago!

I tried to pull in as many elements of the Empire insignia as possible with the twin tailed comet and Hammer of Sigmar.

I then added the name of the company on the top inside a scroll and added a "southern cross" to the flag to signify a connection to the southern continent of Lustria.

I then added the Expeditionary forces motto to the banner as I thought it looked cool.

I am REALLY chuffed how it turned out and feel it will really pull the theme of the force together as well as draw the eye away from the god awful rank and file spearmen the standard bearer shares the unit wuth.

The plan is to add the spearmens banner to the back with dates of notable battle honours.

I know it's a lot of pictures but I REALLY AM CHUFFED with the way it turned out!

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