Saturday, 14 January 2017

Odds and sods

Just a small collection of bits finished so far this year.

First up an MDF laser cut effort I bought on eBay.

Just a quick spray of Army painter sprays while it was still in bits and then just stuck it together once it dried.

Very happy with the result considering how little time it took.

Next up is an Iron gut.

Not too much time spent on this one as he is a 'third ranker'.

i.e. you will never see him and he will be the first fella removed from the unit!


Now the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 8

Miniatures bought 15 due to new Mordheim campaign and Riotville live!

468 miniatures to go!

I have had a real look at the grey shame this year and truth is there are HUNDREDS of miniatures in there which will never see the light of day so I plan to have a big couple of months selling so I can excuse getting some companies for IHMN.


  1. The ogre looks smashing Riot and fits in nicely. Like the building too, out of interest did you spray it black first, if not, how did the slates have the black definition lines round them, never bought a laser cut model and they intrigue me :-)

    1. Thanks man.

      the lines were achieved by painting the internal roof parts black and then placing the red painted roof tiles over the top (if that makes sense?).

  2. Yet another really nice looking building! (You must have a lot of storage space for all these?)

    Ogre is a good "filler". I like the silver highlights on the golds.

    1. Thanks man.

      I think playing all that Tetris as a kid is finally paying off as I can usually fit all my terrain into two 64 litre cases!

      The Ogre is what he is.


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