Wednesday, 11 January 2017

WHF Battle. . . . . To the last wound!!

Had a lovely surprise Sunday when I walked into Lano's to find Anthony in residence with his gorgeous Beastman army.

Yer this one below. . . . .

I plonked down my semi - painted Ogre army.

Pale by comparison to Anthony's I know but I'm getting there.

First turn and I boil my Leadbelchers down off the temple . . . .

and straight into the Chaos Hounds. . . . Neil made a valid point that their bloody leadbelchers . . . .They have CANNONS . . . you could just SHOOT them! 

Yer I guess I was born to be an Ogre player.

My semi - painted Iron Guts crash into a horde of Gors. . . . and go through them like a hot knife through butter!

As an Empire player it was a nice sensation rolling so many die.

Over on my left my Mournfangs and Chariots collide!

My Leadbelchers rip the Chaos Hounds apart and thankfully over run out of the charge arc of the Bestigors.

In a effort to stall out my Ironguts Anthony charges in with (another gorgeously painted miniature) his Chaos Spawn.

Suddenly Anthony's Bestigors feel a little outnumbered and a little outgunned!

The Chaos Spawn gives Anthony enough time to get the charges in with his Bestigors and General.

Which ends in the mutual destruction of both parties!

This battle is turning into an absolute blood bath.

The last of my Iron guts turns to face the last standing Beastman on the field!

Unfortunatlely the last standing Beastman happens to be a toughness ridiculous Beastlord on a chariot!!

The Beastlord finishes off the last of the Ironguts.

My leadbelchers open up with both barrels into the now exposed Beastlord . . . . To little effect!

So my Ogre Bulls charge in so Anthony does not get the impact hits.

The Beastlord boils through my Ogre Bulls.

I finally commit the last of my forces to the critically wounded Beastman.

It comes down to a final roll of the die as our last two miniatures are reduced to one wound each!!!!!!

Anthony rolls the final die and wounds my last Ogre with his final roll of the die!!!!!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks man. Anthony and I were laughing our arses off by the end of the game.

      We could not believe we had spent so long painting miniatures to have two left on the table by the end!

  2. Goodness... Won on the last roll against the last mini taking it's last wound.

    Craziness - get those ogres painted up man!

    1. I remain convinced 8th edition WHF is one of the best games I have ever played. Especially the way we play it with no cheese mongering!

      I am try to churn out the Ogres. I need to get them as finished as possible by the 5th of Feb.

  3. Nail biting finish, so very close, all on one die. Good looking game and must have been fun to play, always love close games :-)

    1. Yer I run off 50 Gors in the second turn and figured I had the game in the bag and then it all slowly unraveled until the knife edged finish.

      Top game!


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