Thursday, 14 January 2016

Second School enrichment session. Treasure hunts and detentions!

Just a quick one before a proper post tomorrow.

Another cracking session on Wednesday. One of the lads turned up with his own painted miniature. I had to smile when I saw he had used his Dad's old enamel paints!

Here is how the table looked.

It was a standard 'treasure hunt' scenario. I gave the students some clues about where the treasure was hidden and let them go at it.

Bit surprised when they did not spot the most obvious clue.

Yep the big bloody X. Kids these days!

The winning warband won enough gold to buy their own equipment and recieved their own miniature which they can stick together to represent the kit they buy.

Had to smile when I caught one of the kids reading through the equipment handout I had given him and was working out his equipment in 'prep' class when he should have been working on his additional learning tasks. Had to give the kid a detention but to be honest I would have done the same thing; work or wargaming. . . No contest really! I am supposed to be doing work right now!!
One surprise result of the enrichment club is pupils have started spontaneously turning up to school with their own scratch built castles after seeing the gaming board!

We ended up with enough entries to run a compertition!

sorry for the fuzzy photo. You can make out the scratch built efforts in the background if you squint!



  1. Wonderful, it sounds as if it the idea has really caught hold!

    1. Yer it really is.

      Looks like we are going to be running it into the next half term.

      The Castle compertition was a surprise!

  2. Great to hear the kids are inspired!

    1. Who knows I might end up mentioned in a blog in 30 years time.

  3. Great job mate. Sounds like you have captured their imagination. Looking forward to seeing there castles :) by the way is that your gaming board?

    1. Table is borrowed from the legion..... legion.

      I sold mine to Lano when I gave up the shop :0(


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