Sunday, 17 January 2016

40K Space Marine Battle Demi-Company. Ultramarine 2nd Company finished

So finally I have the Demi-Company finished.

Here's the break down.


Captain Cato Sicarius.

Captain Cato Sicarius

Tactical Squads

Squad Fennion. Squad Fennion is known as "The Immortals" due to the fact that they haven't taken a single loss since 829.M41.

Squad Fennion

Squad Vorolanus. Squad Vorolanus is used for reconnaissance and deep strike missions when Scout squads are unavailable. They are known as "The Thunderbolts".

Squad Vorolanus

Squad Manorian. Known as "The Shield Bearers", squad Manorian is used in the vanguard during chapter and company level assaults.

Squad Manorian

Assault Squad

Squad Strabo - Squad Strabo is responsible for the death of Ork Warboss Bonehamma on the Hive world of Selonopolis. They are known as "The Heroes of Selonopolis."
Squad Strabo

Devastator Squad

Squad Tirian. Also known as "Guilliman's Hammer" Squad Tirian is known for their unwavering conduct in battle.
Squad Tirian
The final chip of the Devastator Squad


Brother Ultracius. Ultracius was interred inside the shell of a Dreadnought after the Pyra Crusades in 453.M39.

Brother Ultracius
The final Chip of the Demi - Company lead pile

I also have the first squad of First Company Terminators done as an attachment.

Not bad considering how they started out, when I bought them off a kid at a boot sale for £20 . . . .

I have several elements to finish off to turn this into a 'Gladius Strike Force' but with the light inproving I think any extra bits will be put back in the lead mountain until November.

So lets look at the numbers for the year.
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 6.

Target 100

Miniatures bought 1 (I made the mistake of going to Dark Sphere and they were having a sale on).

434 miniatures to go!

5 in the black this year.


  1. Don't they look smart! Fantastic job and great to see the group shot like that.

    1. Thanks. For an army which will rarely be seen on mass (because I do not play 40K) I am happy with how they look.

      Apart from my WHF Empire Army is this easily the largest 'army' I can field. Now all I have to do is learn how to play 40K.

  2. Look great mate even if they are ultra smurfs :) as you know there's lots of us that play and will show you the ropesIf you want mate.

    1. Cheers Geez (even if they are Smurfs).

      They deserve a run out at some point. You coming to the next meet at the Biscuit?

  3. Looking good sir, would love to carry on learning how to play with you again. But I don't have a 40k army... Yet...

    1. I suggest imperial guard😄! But without tanks!

    2. I was thinking imperial guard, but with tanks, lots of tanks!

    3. No no no! No tanks. Just power 3 laser guns.

  4. Replies
    1. No, no. The games goes, you shoot 40 times, hit 30 times, wound 15 times and then I make 14 armour saves.

      Thats the rules last time we played. . . . I like those rules ALOT!!

  5. I stand on the opposite side of that spectrum, I didn't like it all!

  6. Hi,
    Look were these painted?


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