Saturday, 9 January 2016

Shortshank redemption pt 4. Smash and grab.

Crazy Joe caught Bill's eye and raised an enquiring eyebrow. Bill nodded curtly. It had been agreed last night. Crashart would lead them all to their deaths, Lord Crashart meets his end now! 

"We will do it during our foray tonight" they decided earlier. Just another corpse in a City of cadavers!

Crazy Joe slowly drew his stiletto and approached Crashart from behind with murderous intent.

Suddenly a crossbow bolt flew past Joe's face, missing him by a hairs breath!

"Sod off you lot!" a gruff voice boomed into the night "The treasure is ours!".

Joe dove for the shadows and sheathed his dagger 'Deaths' whisper'.

"Treasure eh!" Joe though "I guess Crashart meets his end after this skirmish. At the very least the fool can act as a meat shield"!

So once again my brother and I manage to meet up this Friday to contest the market square.

Unfortunately all my 'Oldie world' terrain is at school due to the enrichment club so the table had more of a Sci fi feel then I intended but what the heck a games a game!

The mission is a simple one. At the end of turn 6, whoever has the most figures standing on the base of the treasure chests wins!

I decide to split my Warband into two kill teams and will try to drop at least a Dwarf a turn with the 5 shots of the Marksmen while the other kill team mob anyone who weathers the volley of fire.

Seeing as Kris is rolling in coin he has expanded his warband and kitted them out with better kit. He has also reached deep into his coffers and hired himself a 'Pit Fighter' (who will recieve some paint soon due to the arrival of some 'Army Painter, flesh, undercoat, spray).

Only two of my lads manage to climb the bunker, so the rest bolt round for a better shot. True to form Archie continues to roll nothing but ones!!

As I hoped Kris has rushed his Pit fighter ahead of his Dwarves due to its superior movement. This allows Bob and Ben to mob him while he is unsupported. Kris learns what it's like to have a human on the team when a roll of 5 (instead of the required six for a Dwarf) sees the Pit Fighter removed from the game.

The two boys then surge on and manage to isolate one of Kris' Troll Slayers. Bob manages to knock the Slayer to the ground leaving Ben free to follow up with the Great Sword, removing the Slayer from the game and costing him one of his arms (due to his injury roll in the post game!)

At this point in the game we both have three figures contesting the Treasure chests. Due to casualties, Kris should have taken a moral check now, but the 'holy relic' he found last week saves him the need. Just as well as he rolled the die anyway out of curiosity and would have failed the roll!

The removal of the Slayer leaves Bob open to a barrage of bolts from the Dwarves!

Thankfully all the shots miss!

Not wanting to end up a pin cushion both Bob and Ben charge 'Ale-Fred', Knocking him to the ground.

I could settle for the draw but decide to go for broke and charge 'Crazy Joe' out of the shadows. The hope is Joe will at least score a knockdown on the Dwarf Engineer and secure me the victory . . . . . Hold your breath . . . . .

Unfortunately I fail to wound. 'Keel Grymm' the Engineer swings with his Great Hammer and hits Crazy Joe square in the chest. . . . . Thankfully Kris only rolls a knockdown!

And that's the end of turn six.

A Draw but the important thing for me was for once I did not need to take a single casualty roll, post game!! Probably the first time EVER while playing Mordheim!

2016 really has started with a bang!

Kris is smarting from his four casualties and finally understands the pain of Mordheim when one of his henchmen dies due to the injury roll (he could not face the henchman dying so settled for desertion). One of his Troll Slayers also lost an arm!

As he left the house for the ride home all he could speak of was revenge. Welcome to Mordhem mate were it soon becomes personal ;0)

Here is how the map stands at present.

'Later that night at the tavern, Lord Crashart beamed from ear to ear as he walked up to the bar and clamped his hands on the shoulders of Crazy Joe and Bill "Here's to good comrades and faith in your fellow warriors" he boomed! Joe and Bill exchanged a shifty glance as they all hugged. "Here's to not knowing your lack of fuck ups tonight has bought you a nights reprieve" Joe thought to himself!"'

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