Wednesday, 27 January 2016

School Enrichment. Session 4. Monster hunt.

This week saw the students investigating the disappearence of some sheep herders and their flock.

The mission was to secure the abandoned watch tower in the middle of the nearby forest. This would allow them to spot the cause of the disappearence and earn a reward. If they could then kill the creature(s) the reward would be trebled!

Little did they know the cause of the disappearance was actually  using the tower as it's lair!

To add some added spice to the foray I had produced some secret wanted posters so they could claim a bounty if they removed the wanted player from the field.

Of course the first thing the kids did when they opened the scrolls was blurt out the name written on it (so much for being secret)!!

Had to laugh when the Troll erupted from the tower and one of the students decided to pitch himself off the balcony rather then face the Troll. It did not go well!


  1. Everyman for himself! Sounds like another wonderful afternoon.

    1. Once again the most realistic games of Mordheim I have ever seen. He left his mate standing there and jumped!

      It was a cracking game. I think they will all meet their ends next week in a 'Magnificent 7' style scenario and then start 40K kill teams after the half term.


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