Thursday, 4 February 2016

Throwback Thursday. That's a thing right?

Only painted one miniature this week. It's a Knight on a horse but it only counts as one miniature so figured I would blog a blast from the past.

While digging out Orky Chop Chop I come across these 1980's Space lords miniatures which were funnily enough painted up by me in the 1980's when I was 15.

It's funny looking at the miniatures now and seeing how my style was influenced by comics (did you spot the Rouge Trooper look-a-like above?) and old Rouge Trader paint jobs.

The bloke above is a direct rip-off of . . . . . .

All the vizors are a direct rip off of 2000AD, Judge Dredd pictures.

This one below is based on the Cincinnati Bengals, NFL team, helmets!

Here is an example of what my young eyes could see to paint back in the day. Those letters must only be 2mm high.

So Throwback Thursday, it's a thing!


  1. Rather charming models. I'd like to see some with a more recent paint job. That Blood Angel with the camo and the power glove is an all time classic. He also doesn't look as though he is going to a fancy dress party dressed as a space-pope, which is nice for a change.

    1. Funnily enough I also found a few unpainted Space Lords in the same bag as these fellas. I keep catching myself sizing them up with a paint brush.

      As to the Space Marines, as a kid I always considered them to be like the SAS and SBS special forces, camoed up and pulling off behind the line missions rather then Napoleonic type soldiers who would stand there in squares in bright red great coats getting decimated by gunfire. It just never rung true with me.

  2. I'm liking throwback Thursday especially when it churns out treasures like these.

  3. Some smashing models, they have a gritty feel, I especially like their back packs. Throwback Thursday good :-)


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