Saturday, 20 February 2016

Shortshank redemption pt 6. The battle of the Rock.

The sheer walls of the fortress loomed out of the thick mists, caused by the wide river. The 'Rock' was once a vast bastion, controlling access and trade along the mighty river. That was a long time ago and the large garrison had fled or been driven to madness long ago.

The massive sprawl of deserted brothels and shops at it's gates; Crashart and his warband was now trawling through in search of Wyrdstone; spoke volumes of the wealth that once flowed through this edifice.

Crashart smiled to himself as he drifted into revery, remembering happier days when he was just a dashing, young, sell sword, in exceptionially fine trousers with a purse full of gold to flash; trawling these houses of ill repute and catching the clap like it was going out of fashion.

Suddenly a gun shot rung out, shattering the silence of the dusk and snapping Crashart back to the present! Its' impact splintered the fence post near Crashart's face.
Crashhart glimpsed nerviously through the new hole in the fence to catch a glimpse of their assailants.
"Its those poxy Dwarves again, but this time their tooled up with hand cannons!"

Once again Friday last saw Warbands of Dwarves and Mercenaries clash within the streets of Mordheim.

Kris brought over his 'Bloodbowl' stadium terrain and I think we threw every bit of terrain we had at the table!

I set my boys up behind the ruined buildings

I get first turn and bolt my first kill team forward along the cover of the wall to dominate the centre of the board. 

My plan is to hold up in the gate house and use this as a bastion to hold the centre of the field. This will also stop Kris running his forces and give me more time to gun down the approaching Dwarves.

Kris' forces decide to not risk the centre of the field and all the broken ground which will force multiple initiative rolls to clear the obstacles.

This saves him from the salvos of crossbow bolts from my marksmen but allows me to run forward with impunity.

My Marksmen climb into the deserted ruins and take up their vantage points. I think at this stage Kris might have lost his first Dwarf. Thanks to 'quick shot' etc I am shooting out seven bolts a turn.

'Guapo Joe' and Ben secure the gate house and I run Archie and a new recruit up the stairs to cover Kris' approach round the walls.

Kris' Slayers and 'Dwarf Maul' try to force the centre. I think they lost another Dwarf at this point which forced Kris to take the longer route, buying me more time in the centre.

A cunning plan starts to form in my mind.

With the loss of a Dwarf Henchman to Archie's Balistic skill of six, Kris decides to duck back behind the wall.

At some point I lose a Marksman to Crossbow fire. This makes me run my other Marksman forward to new vantage points. My plan is fully formed now and I decide to use my Maksmen to channel Kris into the left of the board were I will flush him out of cover or force him to conceed to save the casualties.

The only spanner in the works is Kris' Thunderer lurking off to the right, who refuses to die despite looking like a pin cushion by the end. I must of hit him at least six times by the end of the game!

Even with a critical hit causing two wounds and +2 to the injury roll the tough little bastard still refuses to fall!

Ready to spring my trap I allow Kris to crawl up the left flank (at 3" a turn) while turning the centre of the board into a killing ground. At the very least I hope to force the majorty of Kris' forces to go into hiding so I can isolate the Dwarf leader and his body guard as they inch forward.

Kris' forces finally reach the gatehouse.

Porn shot!

Now I spring my trap!

I have moved the majority of my Marksmen to cover the entrance of the Gate house and hope to flush Kris out with the possiblity of a charge against Crazy Joe. I hope his mounting frustration of being reduced to only 3" movement and the salvo's of crossbow bolts so far will cause him to do something rash!

Kris takes the bait!!!!

He exposes his Dwarves (oo er misses), in the hope of getting the charge off next turn!

I mob the Dwarf Thunderer and then open up with bolt after bolt into the two Dwarves not engaged in combat.

Even Crazy Joe closes the distance to shoot Ale-Axe-ander the Great (the Dwarf Noble) in the face!!

Unfortunatley as the gun smoke clears 'Crazy Joe' is distraught to find only the Pit fighter has fallen and all the Dwarves are still standing and now REALLY pissed off!!!!

Here comes the hurt!!

Thankfully Kris' rolls are largely ineffective and although I am forced to take a moral check my losses could have been far worse and I pass with flying colours.

Due to the limited options now open to me I charge 'Crazy Joe' into melee with the Dwarf Noble. Thankfully I manage to roll a six for the injury roll and take him out of action. I also lose another youngblood to combat but Kris has to risk a charge across open ground to engage the rest of my forces while risking my forces holed up in the gatehouse charging him in the back.

Kris decides that discretion is the better part of valour and relinquishes the field.

Finally I have a victory against the Dwarves.

Could this be the turning of the tide?

My toe hold is secured!


  1. Great stuff Riot, riveting story, thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks :-)

    1. We are six games in and still very excited about the campaign so I think this one has legs and will be played through the year.

      Hopefully the tension will mount as the campaign continues.


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