Sunday, 28 February 2016

HATE con one. Can't think of anything clever to say. But look at all the cool S@*% I bought!

Yesterday with the Legion heading off to Warhammer World I decided to resist the temptation and decided to go to Hate Con one with Tim of Creative Biscuit fame.

Unfortunately Tim was snowed under at work with the Mothersday rush for next week so I decided to recon ahead. BOY am I glad I did as they had a 'Bring and Buy' stall upstairs.

I did not do any 'Bringing' but I certainly did some 'Buying'!!!!

First up this. . . . .

Yep boxed!

Now lets look inside. . . . .

Are those the original rule book and quick start rules?. . . .  


But surely it will not have unpunched, card buildings inside? . . . .


But what about the plastic bits to hold the building together? The original Skaven warband on it's sprues and the sprue with treasure chests etc on? Surely not?


And how much for this lump of oldskool gaming goodness?

£5 !!!!!

Yes you heard me correctly. . . . £5!

I also bought this set of scatter terrain. . . . .  £5

Two resin huts . . . . . £2 each!

4 rouge trader era Imperial guard  . . . . . £2

Boxed, metal, 40K Jokaero . . . . £3

These two bits. . . . £2

This lot below. . . . . Yep £4!

Here is my contribution to the HATE con, charity, bits box challenge. . . . £3 to enter.

Oh I kept the best to last.

How much for this set of 12 pre-slotta, Citadel Slann and 8 human slaves. . . . . . .

£20 the LOT!!!!!!



They do not count towards the minatures bought numbers as they are going straight on eBay because I'm skint and Daddy needs to get . . . . . .

The HATE mob are a cool lot, I don't mean 'This is Bethnal Green, Hipster' cool but just a laid back friendly bunch to game with.

Being based in a working mens club certainly seems to have had an effect as it is certainly the most boisterous gaming club I have ever been to and there is a LOT of Tattoos and coloured hair on show!

They meet every wednesday and their main rule is 'don't be a dick' which is probably why there is no Warmachine or Magic played there!

Could happily see my self popping in after working late on a Wednesday as it is one stop away from where I work.


  1. Holy crap...those are some brilliant finds. Very jealous of the Mordheim box (I have the rulebook but not the rest) and the Gothic style ruins are ace!

    1. I could not believe my luck. Especially as I was dealing with gamers!

      I really did luck out

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks man. I really did.

      There was a ton of stuff there. It's just a shame it was before I got paid and I am still on a self imposed miniature embargo.

    2. We did think about popping in, but we've had a lot of "out" this month so decided to have a quiet one. :-)

    3. I was of the same mind set, especially when Tim had to cancel.

      Shame you missed it, as I think it was a decent gathering.

      I will definately be going if there is one next year.

  3. This is outrageous loot here. I fully hate and admire you at once !

    1. I fully understand your hate and admiration ;0)

      They were a lovely bunch of people but apparently absolutely no regards for Oldhammer. At least an old sod like me turned up to give the stuff a good home.

    2. It went into good hands so that's the main thing really ;)

    3. and another little piece of Oldhammer survives.

  4. What a glorious haul, you lucky "thing" you! All that stuff, well done :-)

    1. Thanks man. I have been called a lot worse ;0)

  5. Replies
    1. Cool.

      He had an entire Imperial army going for £15 but I had to resist!

    2. How could you resist for £15!!!

    3. Because I already have 60 odd Empire miniatures to paint and I do not want another box of miniatures sitting there mocking me!

  6. Wow nice finds mate. So it's this event every year? Love the fact they have a bring and buy shame salute does not do it anymore.

    1. It was their first convention but I figure from the success they will do another one.


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