Monday, 8 February 2016

Awakening of the woods part 5. End game!

Rags was bustled into Custoras' tent as soon as he returned to the camp!

Custoras stood at the campaign table with the pitiful maps of the area spread before him. The maps were useless as the forests seemed  to move of their own accord!

Every scouting party he had sent out to reconnaissance the area has failed to return and Custoras had been forced to hang several 'Red Caps' after their refusal to leave the camp.

Finally a Lizardman had appeared at the edge of the camp fires and simply stood there pointing at Rags until he had obeyed the summons!

At dawn Custoras had heard the sentry challenges and light had streamed into his tent as the flap had been pulled aside to admit the Wizard. Rags was visably shaken by the experience and had reverted to his unhinged mannerisms and babblings, simular to when they had found him in the Lustrian forests years ago.

"Xhua-Ekko their 'Gods will' has decreeded that they will not attack the naked primates in the forthcoming battle. Their Gods wrote of this battle aeons ago. They declaired the blood of the apes would not be shed by the Cold Ones."

"And how do we know we can trust them?" Custoras demanded!

Their Gods have decreed it!" Rags stated with a finality that stifled all argument.

As the sun rose on the clearing, the Lizards had wheeled away towards the hordes of Goblins and their possible mutual destruction without even a sideways glance towards the Imperial forces.

Rags had glanced up at Custoras and shrugged "Their Gods have decreed it." he stated simply.

"And what had 'their Gods' decreed for those?" Custoras enquired, pointing towards the Elves just clearing the forest.

"Death my Lord! Ours or theirs, they did not say. Xhua-Ekko had simply uttered one word . . . . DEATH!"

This Saturday saw the five protagonists of the campaign meet up for the finale of 'The awakening of the Woods'.

With this being the final game Lano wanted something special so we mustered our finest forces and 300 points of Mercenaries for a game of 'Triumph and treachery'!

The 28mm porn was is full effect!

This was simply one of the best looking games I have ever had the pleasure or honour of playing in.

The following photos are pure porn!

The Goblin Hordes with Orc backup

Dwarves with Skaven allies!

My Imperial forces

Lanos Lizardmen with High Elf support

Oh I brought a Giant. Up yours Neil ;0)

Wood Elves with Undead contingents

The action starts early with the Phoenix surging towards the centre of the table.

Irrestible force meets Immoveable object in the centre.

The result is pure carnage as the Lizard men are run down and massacred!


MONEY SHOT!!!!!!!!

Lano's Phoenix strafes the Gobbo forces.

Several Skinks try to hold back the Goblin Horde.

The High Elves continue to bunker down behind their 'Bone' shield

Looking that good who blames them!

My Knights and Pistolliers crash into the Skeleton spears.

Meanwhile my Mercenary Giant and Bruiser get stuck into the Dryads!

My money shot!!

The result of the charge is more then satisfactory!

With my blood up I barrel on into the beautifully painted War dancers!

Over on the left the Goblins are spanking the Dwarves and Lizards. In the end Phil and Lano are forced to join forces in order to last the battle. Oh the Shame!!!!!!

My Knights make short work of the 'dancers' and clip the flank of the Dryads. This spells disaster as it exposes my rear to the Glade riders!!

Gorgeous Gobbo's and Birds continue to smash each other to pieces!

Look at the shiney shiney!!!!!

My Knights are enclosed on three sides by gorgeousness!

To upset Neil I play my 'Ancient Enmity' card, so no attacks for Neil this turn!

In the background my Gryphs can be seen running down some pointy ears!

On the left Mark's Goblin General makes his presence felt!

Here comes the Dinosaw!!!!!!

The carnage continues.

Three furious rounds of combat see all three forces contesting the left flank decimated.

Look at the Phoenix NOT the lack of movement trays!

On the right the bloodshed continues. Neil has yet to clear his forest.

Neils plays as many 'treachery'' cards as he can to sway the combat and my Knights finally break and are massacred by the vengeful Elves!

The glamour boys of the woods celebrate their victory!!!
I honestly have no idea who won but from the 10,000 points on the table that started the game very little remained.

As a testiment to the carnage between Neil and I, I only had ONE figure left on the board when we called time!!

On the left the combined forces of Dwarves and Lizards (with Skaven and High Elf support) managed to carry the field against the Goblins but it was a close run thing!!!

I do not think any of us will be smirking at Tookey and his Gobbo's anytime soon!!!


  1. Beautiful as always!!
    The photos are always on point!

    1. I still go a bit weak kneed when I look at the photos.

      A great game, which also looked the business!

  2. Can't believe they both turned on me!

    1. Yer right!

      No one is falling for that "I'm just a poor Goblin player" line anymore!

  3. Looked a great game. Did you paint that giant?

    1. No mate the Giant was painted by Rob who was the commission painter at Miniature Empire. The ONLY credit I can take for him is paying for it!

  4. A fun looking game and as you say lots of great shots. thanks for sharing Riot :-)

    1. Thanks.

      It was a great way to finish off the campaign and I have really missed playing 8th edition.

      The armies were gorgeous.


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