Sunday, 7 February 2016

Shortshank redemption pt 5. Rescue.

Spook tried to focus on the bulls eye on the dartboard at the other side of the inn but he had to admit the copious amounts of grog he had downed coupled with the roaring of the crowd, betting against him made it difficult. He released the arrow straight and true and within the blink of an eye had strung the second arrow.

Then disaster! The force of the first arrow knocked the board from it's perch and tumbling to the ground behind a table. Crashart walked up to the board and roared along with the rest of the crowd as he pointed at the board on the ground.

Within a heart beat Spook adjusted his aim and ricocheted his second arrow off a shield hanging off a wall peg and towards Crasharts groin!

A loud clang rung through the bar as the arrow bounced off Crashart's cod piece and buried itself into the obscured dartboard. A loud groan resounded through the bar from the far crowd as Crashart fainted to the ground, confirming Spook had hit the bulls eye with the second arrow!

As Spook turned to collect his winnings Archie asked him "How did you know he was wearing his reinforced cod piece?"

Spook just winked "I didn't!" he replied!

Just then the Inn door flew open and a well dressed merchant burst into the bar. "My son" he screamed "We were ambushed and my Son fled towards Mordheim!"

"100 Gold coins to whoever returns him to me safe and sound!"

The bar emptyed in a flurry as the various warbands fought to get out the door and begin the search.

Against all odds I got a text from my brother Friday asking if a game of Mordheim was on the cards?

8pm that night the following was set out.

The collection of houses represent the ruins of an old manor house the child has been tracked to.

It was the classic 'treasure hunt' scenario but the kid replacing the treasure.

I use my speed to search the first four building in the hope of rolling an early reveal and then scarpering off the back table edge.

My missle troops run forward to create a killing gound of the left flank.

Thanks to 'trick shot' Spook plugs the Dwarf leader through a broken window but fails to take him out of the game.

Kris waits to the last second and then darts into the final building to secure the child.

I make a charge to isolate the Troll slayer but the tough bastard refuses to die!

Crashart and Crazy joe refuse to risk the charge and just discharge their pistols at the pit fighter.

Kris charges in!

I lose Crazy Joe and Eric. Once again Crashart refuses to get stuck in and shots the Pit fighter in the face (and misses!).

The Troll Slayer still refuses to fall and Crashart ends up in melee wether he wants it or not!

On the left I isolate the Dwarf leader and take him out of action.

The tide turns against me real quick with the loss of another of my warriors and Crashart is at risk of being curb stomped next turn.

With my nuts in a vice I declaire the game and Kris collects the reward for rescuing the child.

All in all our closest game, with both of us having a nightmare with our rolls.

With half term coming up hopefully we will get a couple of games in soon.


  1. Great read Riot, cheers for sharing :-)

    1. no worries. Glad other people are enjoying it.

      Still find it strange that other people enjoy my ramblings.


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