Saturday, 6 February 2016

awakening of the woods pt4

Custoras looked across at the Dwarves arrayed on his flank. Despite the battles between them the armies had realised only a truce would delay their mutual destruction by the force of Goblins and Undead assemblying across the field.

Could their new allies be trusted?

By Sigmar Custoras hoped so. . . . . .

Last Saturday 2Key, Neil, Phil and I met up at 'Rom at the Ford' to play the latest installement of 'The Awakening of the Woods' campaign.

Got to be honest me and 2key managed to rip each others faces off in 3 turns and I was so knackered from work my recollection of the night is not the best.

I hate Gobbo's but you have to admit they look the business!

The four armies array for the carnage to come

Squiggly and Diddly charge out

Followed by the Spider Riders

I'm not in the mood to mess about and surge my Gryphs and Knights forward to engage.

This unleashes the Fanatics but a piss poor roll from 2Key saves my skin!

My Knights chase down the spider riders and form a nice straight line for the Mangler Squigs to come rampaging down the line!!

My Infantry follow on. Hopefully to mop up the wreckage from the charge.

Another poor roll sees the Fanatics finish off each other.


The Mangler Squigs play bloody havoc and destroys my Gryphs and decimates my Knights

Phil moves up his Gyro Copter to support my decimated forces.

My Spearmen run down the Gobbo Chariot before surging into the Gobbo spears. THEN the bloody Bone Giant rips into their flank and sends them running!

The Gobbo and Empire General continue to contest the treasure crate in the middle of our forces.

The Spearmen continue to run.

My low born Militia boil into the flank of the Gobbo spears before ripping them to pieces and surging on into the Bone Giant!

My Hand Gunners continue to miss EVERYTHING before being run down by the Squig rider!

On my left Phil and Neil finally lock horns!
This photo shows our shamefull lack on Movement trays!

Our Generals continue to contest the Chest!

Neil continues to tell us that "everyone thinks Khemri are underpowered". None of us have ever said that!

It's 2am and 2Key and I throw in the towel. I NEED to sleep!!!

Porn shot to finish

I am a bit annoyed with myself for walking into the trap I spotted from a mile away but I was not in the mood to mess about. As it was, it was neck and neck between Tookey and I until the intervention of the Bone Giant.

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