Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Scibor 28mm / 30mm Wild Warrior Dwarf #3 i.e. a Dwarf Troll Slayer!

Here's the Scibor Troll slayer . . . sorry Wild Warrior I finished off yesterday.

Kris wanted an Albino, washed out look, so the majority of this figure is ink washes over a white undercoat. I was skeptical at first but thanks to the ginger hair I think there is just enough spot colours there to make it pop.

Really like the GW Pallid Wych flesh I bought especially for my Muties and feel it worked a treat for this fella.

Once again the face is beautifully sculpted and a pleasure to paint! 

Texted my brother to let him know it was finished and he emailed me this as an 'inspiration'

As you can imagine my reply was short and sweet!

This is now the tenth Scibor miniature I have painted and I have 6 more on the go, one observation I have made is the sculpter(s) can be a bit lazy with their finishing and beautifully sculpted bits of fur etc will suddenly come to an abrupt 'solid' end, which is a real shame.

Here is what remains of the half term painting pile.

Lets hit the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 48 (I also sold off the left overs from my SAGA Normans)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 2.

393 miniatures to go!

46 in the black this year.


  1. Another cracking job, you are certainly ahead of me for the half term tally!

    1. Behave yourself Mr Awdry. I have just feasted my eyes on the genius that is your Elvis / Zombie / lonesome tonight diarama.

      That takes a giant poop over anything I get finished over this half term!!!

  2. Smashing stuff Riot, nicely painted:-)


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