Wednesday, 24 February 2016

School Enrichment. Gorka Morka Session 1. Loadsa Dakka but no Vroom, vroom.

With the new half term I decided to make a change and bring the Enrichment lads into the 40th Millennium with Gorka Morka.

The Students were very impressed with the new set up.

First up the 'Gorka's'

'Cunning and Brutal'

Here are the 'Morka's'

'Brutal and Cunning'

Once again everyone got the same profile and weapons and will skill up as the games progress.

It was a standard 'skirmish', intro game but there was a ammo crate in the centre of the board that the students had to try and get off their table edge for an advantage next game.

It turned into a decent punch-up and in true GorkaMorka style most of the 'shootas' had jammed by the third round.

The Morkas managed to scramble the ammo crate off their table edge and secured themselves an 'eavy shoota for next game.



  1. Excellent! Can't wait to see how they take to this.

    1. Funnily enough as soon as they saw the 'shooters' and green skinned aliens they were all really excited!

      I guess 40K will always have that appeal to kids.

  2. Great looking setup dude!
    The positive of course, with GW's prices they'll never be able to afford drink or drugs.

    1. LMFAO!
      Is that why they charge the prices they do. . . . their doing it for the kids!

  3. I bet they had a whale of a time, whats not to like about blowing the hell out of orks. Love the board, nicely set up with the individual tape measures and stat sheets, makes the whole thing run smoothly. Great stuff Riot :-)

    1. I'm a teacher man. I live and die on your pre-planning!


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