Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Lego Mordheim. The Saga continues. . . . . . With LOTS of exclamation marks!!!!!!

The 'Broken King' surveyed the destruction around the Temple of 'Sigmar is Awesome!'. His followers openly wept at the sacrilege daubed upon the walls of this most sacred or strutures!

Silently a sentry slipped into the side chapel were the King was collecting his thoughts and waited to be acknowledged.

Finally he could hold his nerve on longer . . . . "My Liege, a body of troops approaches, they are trying to not be detected and I doubt they are allied to us".

"Rouse the men" the King commanded "this insult will not go unpunished!".

Outside the shadows crept closer. . . . . . . 

With it being the Half term and Tuesday being designated 'Boys Day' little fella wanted to break out the Lego and 'have another battle'. Who was I to deny him?

The battle field was set by the Misses (Think she might have been a bit biased!).

The 'Goodies' array themselves in the shelter of the Temple.

I hunker down behind the ruins of the prison

Shinobi Joe rushes out and uses his 'Magic weapon' to crack open the rock to reveal a hidden treasure (a roll of six will do that!)!

Troy also decides his Ghost is able to walk through the walls of the second boulder. Who am I to argue!

With the revealing of the hidden treasure I rush out 'Zombie Bob' and Spook to nick the treasure from the isolated Shinobi.

The rest of my Warband rush through the Prison to get the second treasure.

The action is fast and furious on my left flank!

Shinobi Joe beheads Zombie Bob (luckily he can walk it off later!), but fails to finish off Spook!

Spook and Shinobi Joe wrestle over the magic weapon. Bob looks on unimpressed!

With Shinobi Joe busy, I rush out two of my Shadows to nick the treasure while he's busy. It's what any self respecting baddie would do!

Over on the right I mob the solo Goodie. This can't be good!

Fearlessly the Goodie attacks my Goblin!

Troy decides now is the time for his Ghost to break out of the boulder and make a dash for it!

The Goodie runs through my Goblin!

Over on the left 'the Shadows' secure the chest and make a break for it.

Unfortunately for the Goodie on my right by finishing off the Goblin he opens himself up to a fireball from the Evil Wizard. The Wizard reads aloud from the scroll and wreathes the Goodie in flaming ruin!

Burn baby burn!!!!!!! Maw ha ha ha!!!

Shinobi Joe finally dispatches Spook!

With the majority of Troy's forces still safe within the Temple, two of the Goodies climb the temple for a better view. Unfortunatley for me one of them is armed with a crossbow!

Who wastes no time in plugging my Northman through the chest and knocking him on his arse. I try to claim a cover save from the Ghost but my son patiently explains to me that a Ghost is 'see through' and therefore I don't get a cover save! How can I argue with that?

Shinobi Joe tries to show off more of his Ninja skills and charges 'The Shadows' to stop them making off with the treasure.

'Peg leg' takes a tumble but thankfully is unharmed.

Over on the left the 'Broken King' charges into 'The Black Knight' and his dark squire!

Once again the Goodie with the birds eye view plugs another baddie with his crossbow!

Seeing their King in danger the rest of the goodies rush to his assistance!

The 'Dark Squire' is quickly dispatched.

Followed by the 'Black Knight' being eyeballed!

Over on the left Shinobi Joe finally comes unstuck!

The rest of the Goodies rush to his aid. Will they make it???

Nope! The Shadows knock Joe to the ground before he is mercilessly dispatched.

With the cowardly curb stomping of Shinobi Joe my Baddies show their true colours and bolt for the table edge before they get caught.

Ha Ha, can't catch us suckers!!!!

Oh hang on! We forgot the King has a crossbow!!

One of the Shadows ends up with a lovely souvenir stuck in his bum cheek which had my son giggling for hours!!

So once again I am run from the field. Oh the shame!


  1. Cover save from a ghost? Don't be ridiculous! Well done the boy!

    1. It was so obvious once he pointed it out.

  2. Great game, but sorry about the result. Still not to worry, half term will be over soon! :D

    1. I'm hanging on by my finger nails. Cycling Monday, boys day Tuesday, Natural History museum today. . . . I'm not going to make it!

  3. Fantastic, you sound like you had a really good time playing, love the characters..... ghosts giving cover....never heard such stuff :-)

    1. I know . . . . I know. Apparently everyone knew this rule except me ;0)


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