Monday, 1 August 2016

Titan forge, Anchor basher, Ogre

Another lump from the lead mountain finished off.

This is one of the set of Titan forge, Bloodsail Island, Ogres my wife bought me for my Birthday last year.

I really fancied getting my teeth into something a bit bigger then normal yesterday and did not fancy taking on a GW sculpt so reached for this fella instead.

Another  gorgeous sculpt from Titan forge and is one of a set of three so I may finish another before the end of the summer break.

I am in a dilemma about whether I should paint to complete certain elements of my forces (such as my Empire army) or just pick odds and sods out of the lead mountain as the fancy takes me.

Decisions, decisions.

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 84 (silver tower does not count)

Target 100

Miniatures bought 15 (silver tower does not count)
370 miniatures to go!
69 in the black this year


  1. Like this guy a lot. Kind or reminds me of the guys in bio shock.

    1. I really like the style of the titan forge sculpts and it was lovely to paint.

      The bio shock comparison is a good spot.

  2. Very tasty, i think you should get a whole Ogre force from TF and paint those.

    1. I would love to but I would have to re morgage the house!

      See you at BOYL. Looking forward to it and really looking forward to seeing that amazing Mega city game board!

  3. Excellent stuff, lovely (is that the right word?) miniature, well painted. Never seen this one before :-)

    1. Thanks I wanted to put a bit of effort into this one after all the speed painting.

      All the Titan forge Ogres sculpts are a bit special.


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