Monday, 29 August 2016

Inquisimunda. First contact

Saturday night saw me stuffing some miniatures into a box and driving over to Neils at 'Rom on the Ford' to have a go at 'Inquisimunda'.

This is another game I have been waiting an age to play after my first attempt to play a campaign stalled out after my first effort.

I enter the 'shed of lead' to find three other protagonists and the board set up as such. . . . .

Neil had done a stirling job with the fluff and a number of texts had been sent to the players with snippits of information from underhive informants and official channel communiques about a duct collapse that had revealed a potential archeotech site.

All very intriguing and had me salivating to get stuck in!

The 'Dark Rangers' of the Governor had sent in a team. . . . . . .

and run into an Adeptus Mechanicus search team within the tunnels . . . . .

There is no time for questions in the dank underhive and a explosive firefight errupts within the confined service tunnels!

Further within the tunnel complex, a young fop is on a hunting expedition led by some Mutant guides. Thankfully he has his security detail with him as he stumbles across some distinctive looking miners. . . .

Thankfully the young lords crackling powerfist and hulking Ogryn bodyguard dissuade the stange looking miners from violence.

Within a central building stange creatures can be seen.

As extensive gunfire and explosions can be heard echoing down the tunnels from further within the complex, the mexican stand off between the miners and the young lord gets tense . . . . . . 

before erupting into bloody violence . . . . .

The Ripper gun of the Ogryn proves decisive as the Mutant 'guide' continues to throw crack grenades.

Sanity finally prevailes further within the tunnels and the Adeptus Tech-priest recognises the authority (and superiour firepower) of the Dark Rangers and a fragile cease fire is declared.  

At this point the suspicious looking miners fearing their true nature being revealed disappear into the ducts dragging their dead and dying with them. 

The young lord decides to continue his 'hunting expedition' despite the interruptions!

At this point the Adeptus Priest decides to return uphive to report to his superiours. The Dark Rangers push forward to complete their sweep of the collapsed tunnels. . . . . . 

At this point the young Fop is forced to drop his cover and reveal his true nature as 'Inquisitor Lord Pen Drago' and uncover his seal to assert his supreme authority over this situation. 

The Dark Ranger leader refuses to stand down until the Inquisitor steps forward to show his seal. . . .

Unwilling to expose himself to the extensive amount of 'overwatching' firepower the Lord Pen Drago smiles benenelovently upon the twisted mutant before sending him forward to clear the field of covering fire. Flush with religious fervour the mutant steps fearlessly into the barrage of overwatching fire . . . . . .

 With all the overwatch fire triggered Lord Pen Drago steps fearlessly over the twitching corpse of his mutant to reveal his Inquisitional seal and his true identity to cowl the Dark Rangers.

The Dark Ranger leader mutters something about 'High Lord Helix Tardassian' hearing about this before skulking off to deliver his report to his superiours.

The Lord and the rest of his security detail then calmly gun down the remainder of the Nurglings before striding off into the enveloping shadows!!!!

A cracking first game!!!!!!!!!


  1. Man, I'd love to play some Inquisimunda. Have warbands painted up and everything.

    Cracking set up and fun story to read - look forward to the next chapter!

    1. Shame your so far away!

      We are all looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. Wow, that all sounds like an absolute blast, great report.

  3. Sounds like a hoot, I too would love to play, look forward to next report :-)

    1. Shame your so far away. We are all looking forward to the next chapter.


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