Friday, 26 August 2016

Warhammer Quest, Silver Tower. Trial of Ghyran

Once again a disparate group of reprobates gathered at the Creative Biscuit to further explore the Silver tower.

We have decided to work our way through the trails as they are suggested in the guide book so this time the adventurers were set to encounter life at its most profane (or Lano as we like to call him ;0)).

The first room turns out to be the Shadow-Garden, full of Grot Scuttlings (who were quickly dealt with)!

The lads then fail 'The Wizards Trial before passing 'Beyond the Glass' where they are set upon by Blue Horrors.

Onwards they surge into the 'Whirligig passage' where they run into a road block of Acolytes and Blue Horrors. Much hacking and slashing ensued!

Then the Gaunt Summoner appeared to cackle hysterically at the adventurers. . . . .That was until they all set upon him and kicked lumps out of him (except Ed who kept stabbing himself with his own blades)!

Tookey forged ahead and went all Conan the Barbarian when him come across some more Grot Scuttlings.

Then some 'Crossed Paths' appeared.

Due to a 'Unexpected event' the 'Wizards Trial' re-appears, Macca makes a better stab at it but once again fails the trial.

The Heros then press on into the 'Star Nexus'. Up to this point it had been plain sailing with hardly a wound suffered. This was all about to change with the appearance of several Tzaangors!

Finally the grand chamber of the 'Spore Cave' is discovered and the heros are set upon by several more Tzaangors and the Ogriod Thaumaturge. There is a LONG debate about who will enter the chamber first.

Finally the Ogriod is dispatched and another shard is recovered.

The boys are really learning how to fully utilise their character's skill sets and this coupled with their teamwork made this a much smoother run through the tower despite some hairy rolls on the adversary tables throughout the game.

Roll on the 22nd of September!


  1. Oh wow, it does look like seriously good fun.

    1. It really is a decent little hack and slash game.


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