Sunday, 7 August 2016

BOYL 2016

Just a quick photo dump from this years 'Bring out your lead'.

Converted Maurauder Giant at BOYL (not by me)

Once again I was up bright and early with a spring in my step to make the drive up to the 'lead belt' and Foundry miniatures for BOYL 2016.

As I walked through the giant gates and into the marquee I was greeted with this. . . . .

a fantastic 'Cold hammer' table which was a combination of 3rd edition Warhammer and Frostgrave.

The game involved the Dwarves defending their Hold before retreating into the caverns beyond.

And of course there was the BFG (Big F*&%$*G game!!!!) which I think should always have exclaimation marks after it!

This is how it looked as they were setting up. . . . . .

which was pretty impressive.

I returned about an hour later to feast my eyes upon this!!!!!

I think they ended up with over 5,000 mini's on the table.

I can only imagine the amount of man hours that were dedicated to all those miniatures!

Great to feast your eyes on, not sure what it was like to play?

Ramshackle Curtis also set up a great 40K table.

How many other people do you know who have designed, sculpted, cast and sold their own armies?

I find his website like IKEA, you walk through picking up 75p bits and it comes to over £100 when you get to the check out and then you wonder "How did I manage that?"

Curtis was also kind enough to have a box of miscast stuff going free for anyone who wanted it. Only at BOYL!

There was also Chico's and Richards brilliant Judge Dread, East Meg gaming board. . . . .

Unfortunately I never got to get any photos of the game in action .

I also got my mug sculpted onto a beastman by the legend Kev Adams. . . . .

Unfortunately I did not have any appropriate miniatures with me so had to buy something. . . . . and this opened the floodgates. . . . . . .


Pride of place is this Maurauder Ogre.

It also has a bit of providence as it is covered in a combination of ink washes and boot polish! This was the combination Maurauder used when they were photographing miniatures for their catalogues!

Finally your mine!!!!
Here is all my freebies!!

and finally the BOYL miniature for 2016

Can't wait for next year!


  1. Good to see you again! Next time all 3 days eh? :D

    1. Great to see you too.

      As for 3 days, it very much depends what is going on.

      One day felt enough this year to be honest.

  2. Looks like an amazing time! That BFG (!!!) table is insane!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was another top day.

      Peoples jaws dropped every time they walked past the BFG (!!!!!) table. It just got more and more insane!


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