Tuesday, 9 August 2016

When Bloodbowl and Dragon Rampant collide . . . Everyone has fun . . . . again

While at BOYL I got a call from my brother wondering if a game of soldiers was on the cards? 

With BOYL winding up and my only playing one game I decided to head back early to squeeze in a game with Kris.

Having been on the road since 7am and been giggly and silly all day there was no way I was in the right frame of mind for a knife's edge game of Mordheim so I channeled the Oldhammer spirit and wondered what silly game of soldiers I could play?

As the miles rolled by I decided it had to be a 'bring and bash' game of Dragon Rampant and then a really silly idea entered my head . . . . . .

Captain 'Rikky' Longspeare of the winning Bifrost Berserkers, Bloodbowl, team was sinking his last victory beer before rounding up the rest of his team and heading through the cart park towards the waiting long ship to head back north. 

A sudden movement caught his eye . . . a flash of green heading towards the inn door doing their best not to be seen by the celebrating team . . . . could this be trouble . . . could the home fans be planning a little going away present?

There was only one way to find out. . . . . . . . !

 The Bifrost Berserkers exit the inn into the deserted cart park . . . . .

 to find the 'Green streak ooligans waiting for them with WAGS (Bellicose foot) in tow.

The Bifrost linemen (heavy foot) sweep round the right flank. . . . . .

and are charged by my Gobbo's (light foot).

Not surprisingly my gobbo's get battered and retreat.

The rest of my Boyz (heavy foot) come under ranged attack from the Bifrost chuckers (light missles).

My Troll (Bellicose foot) hides in the alley way.

The crowd in the inn take to the balcony to get a better look at the brawl going on outside.

Everyone does their best to look DED ARD!!!!

The Bifrost Berserkers reform the line.

My Troll finally gets to grips with the Bifrost Chuckers . . .

and sees the flash gits off in short order . . . . .

My boyz form a shield to stop the Troll being counter charged. . . .

which opens them up to a volley of 'shots' (we figured they would be thrown beer bottles, cobbles etc). .. . .

before the Troll is 'curb stomped' and the boyz are sent packing by repeated attacks from the Bifrost Blockers (Elite foot). . . . . . .

The remnants of my ooligans are set upon as they clear the tower . . . . .

The last of my lads try to make a swing of it . . . .  .

but with my 'Ultra' laid out the surviving boyz slink off into the shadows to lick their wounds and wait for the next home game .

And that was the famous battle of 'Up Yours Park, Cart park'

So what can I say. Is there no scenario you cannot turn Dragon Rampant to?

Was it a success. . . . . . Well all I can say is Kris now wants to play a game of this after every 'proper' game of Bloodbowl we play so I guess we can count that as a big thumbs up!

Dragon Rampant, got to love it!


  1. Okay, that was just cool.

    1. Cheers it was a great little 'bring and bash' battle and in keeping with the Oldhammer spirit of the Weekend.


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