Monday, 1 May 2017

And now for something completely different!! Legends of the Old West!!

So here is the (sort of) big TA - DAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

With the conclusion of the 'Shortshank redemption', Mordheim campaign with my brother, we decided we needed a small diversion before we headed into the west of Mordhiem with our new warbands.

With all of Kris' warband named after Wild West characters I had to show him this (LINK).

And that was that!

Then I got into a conversation with 2Key at the Creative biscuit last Thursday and he was in too.

So that REALLY was that!

So here for your viewing pleasure is my Outlaw posse 'The Dayo' gang.

Seven men full of bad intentions
And here is where they will probably end up in the campaign!

The cool thing is, with the exception of two kits bought from 4Ground at Salute, I had all the terrain and random bits I needed to speed build my rail head town, 'Lago'.

Below are the first of the 'fine' townsfolk of Lago, or are they a  town with something to hide?

Could all be revealed during the campaign?

All the figures to the rear are Reaper efforts and with the exception of 'Big Bess' the barmaid, all the miniatures were originally painted up for other projects.

'Boot Hill' is a piece of terrain I am particularly pleased with as it is completely scratch built.

Here is how it looked before it was painted up.

The 'Mayor' and 'Deputy' are Black Scorpion 'Tombstone' miniatures.

The 'building under construction' is a 4Ground effort and I really like it as it is built on split levels so you can use it as two single story buildings.

The 'hitching posts' are also 4ground efforts.

Lago even has a log cabin on it's outskirts.

And now for my posse.

All the miniatures are Black Scorpion 'Tombstone' efforts and are a mixture of their 'Outlaw' and Tombstone civilians sets that I picked up last week at Salute.

As I wanted them done within the week these were only painted to a basic table top level for speed. It is testiment to the quality of the sculpts that they look as good as they do considering they are just ink washed and edge highlighted.

The leader of my Outlaws 'The Duke' outside his abode on the edge of town.

Lago is a town of the grow. . . . . . . But at what cost?

Here another business is under construction in Lago, overseen by the Mayor and 'Big Bill' the owner of the local Saloon.

Is it me or are they looking a bit shifty?

I had more then enough Terrain to get Lago started and if you look carefully in the background you can see my brothers Law men, block coloured and hopefully finished by next weekend.

I ordered a TT scenics town set at Salute but that has yet to turn up. I have been assured by TT that it is being dispatched tomorrow so hopefully they will arrive soon and be painted up for thegame next week.

I would love to add the cliched bits like water tower, church, corral etc but with 'Blood in the Bad Lands' campaign kicking off for our summer offensive, time will now be very limited.

Hopefully my Outlaws shold get their first runout next week against 2Key's posse of Law dogs.

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 126

Miniatures bought 45
373 miniatures to go!

Pleased the unpainted total did not rise too rapidly post Salute ;0)

In other news my computer had it's first 'blue screen of death' which is as bad as it sounds so I might be going dark for a while after this if my computer completely gives up the ghost. Fingers crossed it hangs on for a bit longer! 


  1. You tell um' I'm coming and Hell's coming with me!
    I am the LAW!
    That town looks the nuts!
    The posses look mean, but I recon I can take um'...

    1. Come on in law dog. There's plenty of lead for everyone!!

  2. Very cool! And you could use these for IHMN, too!

    1. Now that's a top idea!!

      Now who sells mechanical horses?


    3. Thanks for the heads up mate

  3. That is superb! Boot Hill is an inspired scratch build.

    1. Thanks man. It's amazing what you can make with bits of crap out of the cupboard of doom!

      I feel a bit like MacGyver ;0)

  4. All of this is boss.

    I wanna play... :(

    1. Thanks.

      I want you to play to. . . . . now how do we set up facebook live? ;0)

    2. You get on Facebook for a start!

    3. But I have desire to check out the status of all my ex-girlfriends!

    4. ^_^

      Google Hangouts works too I believe?

    5. Wow you learn something new every day!

    6. Do you really want to know what they are doing?
      And yes google hangouts is pretty good.

  5. They look fab, will read with interest their exploits am sure and your frontier town is just the job :-)

    1. Thanks man. Hopefully they will get a run into lago soon.

  6. Dude this looks awesome the terrain and minis are superurb!! just get some Ennio Morricone in the background and your set.

    1. Yes man! Good shout. His film scores are amoung my favourate!

  7. You know your post about going mad about painting a rock? PAINT YOUR BASES!!!

    But looks superb :)

    1. Dude look really, REALLY close at the bases, their (sort of) painted!


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