Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Blood in the Badlands. Game three. "Frogs legs are back on the menu boys!".

This Sunday last saw Anthony and I play an 1500 point game of WHF to contest another tile of the Badlands.

I had completely forgotten he was not fielding Beastmen and had a lovely surprise when he plonked down 1500 points of nearly finished but beautifully painted Lizardmen.

With the sun setting into the Lizardmen eyes (quite literally!) I decide to make a strong left flank to see if I can cause enough of a delay with my Gnobblars and Leadbelchers to give the Ironguts time to sweep round to victory.

My extra 150 points went on a unit of Ogre bulls.

The leadbelchers and Ironblaster create a killing ground of the centre of the field.

The rest of the Ogre forces sweep through the forest. The Tyrant is still hamstrung from his injury by the rats and is suffering a -1 movement penalty (bloody rats!).

I think it was at this point that my Iron blaster blew itself to pieces!

So much for that plan :0(

My Ironguts charge into the cold-one riders and smash them from the field. Once again my Tyrant proves to be a beast!

Next he eyes up the mortally wounded Dinosaur!

"Your next on the menu mate!"

In order to stall out my attack Anthony uses the ripperdactols shield the Lizard spearmen.

Back on the left my Ironguts now line up a charge on the Slann mage priest.

At this point I managed to roll a double six to stop the casting of 'The dwellers below'. This may well have saved me the game!

With the Ogre Bull charge stalled out Anthony commits his Spear lizards to destroying my centre.

Somehow my Ogres just hang in there!

Once again my Ironguts show their worth and rip the Temple guard to pieces!

The Slann soon follows suit to secure me the victory!

Over on the second table Lee continues his unbeaten run against Phil's Skaven and once again secures victory!

How does he bloody well do it!?!

Especially when he has FIVE bloody Goblin fanatics go through the Skaven battle bus and hardly cause a wound!!!!!!

Despite this set back the body count is suitably impressive!

And the game finishes a dark mirror of the game I played against Phil last week.

Have to admit, it did make me smile!

Despite my victory, thanks to the post game rolls and shernanigans I managed to lose another two territories (including a newly built fort!).

Retribution will need to be immediate and bloody!!

Somehow Lano gained three territories despite not playing a game!!!!!!

The map as it currently stands.

Phil's Skaven = red, Barbarians = black, My Ogres = yellow, Lee's Orcs = Green, Lano's Elves = Blue

Next week we play the siege of mount Bloodhorn battle to see out the Spring season.

Fun and games and hand grenades!!

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