Sunday, 7 May 2017

Legends of the Old West. Shoot out in Lago and Boothill welcomes new guests!

This Saturday The Lawdog Tookey and I managed to meet up to play our first taster game of 'Legends of the Old West' to play test our posse's before we kicked off proper. . . . . .

One of us would be really fortunate this was the case!

The table is set and if I do say myself, what a table!!

Tookeys Lawmen enter from the North,

and swiftly split up to cover more of the town in search of the 'Dayo Gang'.

In order to stamp out this incursion the Dayo gang go 'route one' and come gunning up the centre of the table.

The fine people of Lago exit their homes to watch the action.

The Lawmen move to cover and take up their firing positions . . .

With only one long range weapon in their posse the Dayo gang are out gunned..  . . .

Despite the early casualty the Dayo gang stay resolute and advance into the hail of gunfire!

'Guns' Malone charges the Sheriff to stop him using his 4+ shooting value. The rest of the boys round the carriage and fan their six guns into anything standing!

With the Sheriff  left fighting for his life the rest of his supporting posse are gunned down without mercy!

To my right my posse leader 'The Duke' is sniping from behind Bill, at any Lawmen daring to race to the Sheriff's assistance.

At this point Bill had already shrugged off several hits and had already been monikered 'Bullet proof Bill'! 

I swear this stuff just writes it's own story!

Outraged by the slaughter of his posse the Sheriff clubs 'Guns' Malone to death with his shooting iron!

With his gun unloaded 'Bug eyed Bill' charges the Deputy making a bead on him with his shotgun.

Bill will soon make a reputation for himself for his knife work!

The rest of my boys rush round the carriage to deter any Lawmen rushing 'The Duke'.

The surviving Lawdogs 'circle the wagons' and make their stand for truth, justice and the American way!

The Duke is hit in the cannoncade of fire but shows his disdain for the law and coolness under fire by rolling a twelve for his 'pluck'.

The rest of the Dayo Gang rush into melee due to their empty guns.

'Bullet proof Bill' shows he is also impervious to fists when the Sheriff fails to drop him in the fist fight!

Despite 'The Duke's' bravado the game is hanging by a thread as both posses are on 'pluck tests' and 'the drop' is essential for both posses next turn!!

With 'the drop' essential in this turn I cut the cards and draw a 2 of spades. My face drops as Tookey reaches for the cards and draws  . . . . . . . . . !

YEP an ACE (which is a low card)!!

With a 'rebel yell' my Outlaws pass the pluck roll and crash into melee!

It what seems only right 'The Duke' makes a beeline for the Sheriff and pulls his knife!

"I'm coming for you Lawdog!!!!"

As the gunsmoke clears . . . . only two of the Law men are left standing and bolt for the train station and out of town!!!!

Even through this was a taster game we decide to do the post game rolls to see what happened.

This happened!!

Yep Tookey rolled enough ones to see his Sheriff and two others of his Posse take up residence in Boothill!

I had one of my Outlaws join them.

With the night still young we decide to have a quick revision of our posse lists and kick off the campaign proper.

TO BE CONTINUED . . . . . . .


  1. I shouldn't be allowed to touch dice!

  2. Bloody event that was. How many spectators were injured or killed during this mess?

    1. Strangly enough when 'The Duke' inspected the bullet holes he found that some of the shots must have come from behind him . . . . . The plot thickens! ;0)

  3. Well sounded like you really enjoyed your first game, were you impressed with the rule set? Look forward to seeing the campaign unfold :-)

    1. The game was an absolute blast and we were beaming from ear to ear throughout.

      The rules are brilliant, really instinctive and allow for a fast paced, action packed game.

      We played twice and had it nailed by the end of the night. Cracking stuff!

  4. Replies
    1. It really was. I fully recommend the game.

  5. Well that looks and reads just like a fast and furious gunfight should do! Brilliant!

    1. It really was. 40 min from start to finish! That kind of speed adds tension to the game.


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