Sunday, 28 May 2017

Bank Holiday painting and possibly biting off more then I can chew

Being the Bank holiday weekend of the half term and the Wife and kids going to church I managed to finish off several miniatures from the 'pile of grey shame' today.

First up is a Dark Elf Hydra. . . . 

This is actually Ed's miniature but I needed something big to practise my speed painting on and Ed kindly volunteered this miniature.

I think he also really wanted this painted and hoped I would do a half decent job ;0)

Technique here has very simular to my 'Legends of the Old west' miniatures.

Undercoated black and then I zenith spayed this one with 'Alien purple' from the Army painter primer range.

With this one I did mask off the stomach with tape.

Then it was just a case of tidying up the edges, picking out the bone and frills, ink washes and dry brush.

In this case the edge highlight was GW 'Blue horror'.

The face did get a bit of extra attention becasue . . . . well it's the face!

Hopefully Ed will be happy with it when he sees it?

Next up are some Sabre Tusks for my (rapidly) expanding Ogre army for 8th edition WHF.

Nothing flash here.

Undercoated black, zenith sprayed Army painter 'leather brown' then a very light spray of white.

The mane was ink washed and the edge highlights on the torso were done with watered down GW 'Zamesi desert'

Really surprised how natural they have turned out considering the crudeness of the technique!

Next up is another of the 'towns folk' for Lago.

Another example of the zenith spray and ink wash technique I am using more and more.

Again the quality of the Reaper sculpt really helps me pull off this technique.

Final entry is 'Bug eyed Bill' who has gone and bought himself a Shotgun with his dollars!

It's now a sawn off shotgun because I dropped it while painting and it broke ;0(

Still works for me.

And here is a group shot.

I really am spoilt rotten at the moment with all the cool stuff going on in my gaming circles and the diversity of miniatures this offers me to paint!

Now the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 164

Miniatures bought 95
349 miniatures to go!
Because I have got myself all giggly and silly over 'Blood in the Bablands' I have made a beast heavy army list and gone and bought myself  this. . . . . 
Now I have to try and get this lot constructed and painted by the end of the half term holiday!!!

Yer. . . . . . . right?


  1. Monsters!! More monsters!!
    Now we just need to play Storm of Magic!

    1. I will need another couple of monsters for that!!

      and I need to paint up an arcane fulcrum :0(

  2. Your mate Ed is a lucky chap! Lovely job in some lovely figs!

    1. Thanks. I have already heard back from Ed and he is very happy with the results.

      They were all fun miniatures to paint and the speed they were finished in certainly helped!

  3. They all came out really nicely, you really are tempting me to buy some wild west characters- must resist! Love the Reaper mothe and child :-)

    1. Thanks man.

      All I'm saying is the Black scorpion miniatures are really nice to paint. . . . . and legends of the old west is now one of my favourate game to play!

      I think the mother and child mini is really endearing to.

  4. Yasss.... Ogres aren't my fav WFB army but those beasts they can take are sweet!

    Cool paintjobs too. That Hydra is nasty looking!

    1. I am not a big fan of the GW Ogre aesthetic (which is probably why I have so much Titan Forge stuff!) but they are a great 'plug and play' army which suits my style of play.

      I never got the best out of my Empire army because I never played them with the subtlety they needed.

      I have no idea what the Hydra can do but I am looking forward to using it in a 'storm of magic' game at some point in the future.


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