Thursday, 18 May 2017

Blood in the Badlands. Game two.

Captain Guthook surveyed the battle field and snorted at the pitiful sight of the Skaven horde before him. How had this walking buffet bested his Slaughtermaster?

Surrounded by his personal body guard he felt invincible. Soon the Badlands would be added to his growing empire. All the world would tremble at the approach of the Guthook tribe. First he just had to get his remaining hand on that bloody flying tower thingy!

Last Sunday Phil and I contested another tile for the 'Blood in the Badlands' campaign.

This would be a bit of a slaughter. . . . .

While Lano, Lee and Ed had a game of Triumph and treachery on the second table Phil and I had a meat and potatoes 2000 point throw down.

The table is set. . . . . .

There's that bloody 'Screaming bell'!

Both armies surge forward. I will attempt to sweep round the left flank while my Gnobblars cause as much delay as possible in the centre.

My Ironblaster gets a bead on the Screaming bell and opens up with both barrels!

It scores a direct hit but this just causes the bloody thing to ring!!

I guess I will not be doing that again!

With my Gnobblars terrifying the Skaven they inch forward!!

This plays Phil right into my hands and my Butcher gobbles down it's 'Hellheart' . . . . Got yer now!!!!

Except I only roll a one and the distance die!

That leaves the Seer half an inch out of the effect bubble!!

I might of had a bit of a swear at this point ;0)

Phil directs his Plague monks to stop my sweep round his right flank.

The battle field as it currently stands.

Phil pulls off 'skitter leap' on one of his engineers. Thankfully the little git fails to do much damage with it's gas grenade.

My Battle bus charges forward and my Iron blaster decides to say hello . . . with strength 10 grape shot!!

Knowing what a tough nut the Plague Monks are to crack I fully commit to the charge on my left flank. . . . .

. . . . and once again my Ogres just bounce off without making a dent!!

Our battle buses start to rip each other to shreds. My Tyrant proves to be a bit of a beast!

The storm vermin casualties start to mount but the bloody bell makes them 'steadfast'!

The Plague monks wipe out my entire left flank!! They have quickly risen to the top of my 'shit list'!

The action is fast and furious in the centre!

And then Phil's rat swarm crash the party!

Over on the other table the shenanigans are flying thick and fast!

Lee has taken to keeping his own little 'book of grudges'! I have a feeling in will be full by next week!

Back in the centre the rats poison attacks decimate my Ogres!

They are going to have to be watched (along with everything else!).

The battle buses continue to rip each other to shreds but that bloody bell keeps the Skaven bus in the fight!

Once again the rat swarm crash the party!

Rolling this many die Phil only needs to roll two, sixes to finish off my Tyrant and with that win the game. . . . .

Wait for it . . . . . . .

And that's the win for Phil!!

I guess me now fearing his rats compensates for him fearing my Gnobblars.

Funny how the two smallest creatures are causing the most terror to all the big stompy stuff!!

That's Warhammer fantasy !

Over on the other table alliances were forged and broken with alarming speed and Lee showed why he is middle management material!

And his book of grudges continues to grow!

I am unable to do a campaign map as my desk top is currently giving me aggro but will attempt to update this post if I have any luck sorting the problem this weekend.

EDIT: Here is the updated campaign map

Lee = Green, Lano = Blue, Phil = Red, Barbarians = Black, Me = Yellow.

The black section is held by whoever turns up from our gaming circle with their army that week but can't commit to the whole campaign. It's a great idea by Lano that stops the exclusion of any of our mates.


  1. Pesky, putrid, purulent, pus-filled rats, don't you just hate them? As for the screaming bell..... aaahh! Bad luck fella, but recon you can afford to lose one territory by the looks of the last map :-)

    1. Right so we both agree Phil is a dick! ;0)

      I need to seriously rethink my list when facing Phils Skaven. The problem is NOTHING on his list can be overlooked or ignored!

  2. Rats! Damn Rats, great game though.

    1. Great game but we both agree Skaven are for sods! ;0)

      He is going to be a tough opponent to grab land from!


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