Thursday, 11 May 2017

Blood in the badlands campaign. Game one. Immovable object Vs Irrestable force

Last Sunday saw the 'blood in the Badlands' campaign kick off with Lano, Lee, Anthony and myself in attendance.

Game one would see Lee's Orc's and My Ogre's lock horns for no other reason then we had brought 2000 point armies!

Lee sets out his forces . . . . . .

Including a giant unit of Black Orcs with double choppers!!

And his beautifully painted Trolls!

This was going to be a tough nut to crack!

No point messing about, my Ogres march forward. My Sabretusks race forward to tempt out the hidden Gobbo fanatics. . .  . . . 

Here they bloody come!

My Gnoblars march fearlessly into the jaws of death and taunt the Black Orc without mercy!!

Surely a giant unit of Black Orcs with double choppers will not chicken out?????

YES they bloody will and don't call me Shirly!!!!

Lee buries his head in a rule book and does everything he can to avoid eye contact.

My 50 point unit of Gnobblars have stalled out the entire Orc attack!!

Lee tries to charge in his Trolls but I have my Gnobblars flee so Lee re-directs the charge into my Battle bus of Ironguts.

My Ironguts WRECK the Trolls and run them down as they turn to flee.

My Ironguts stop an inch short of the Orc Battle Bus and it's my turn next!

Knowing I have to destroy this unit as soon as possible I commit both units of Orges to the charge!

WALLOP! My Ironguts roll an 'Ogre Charge' despite only being an inch away from their target!

I unleash everything I have into the Orc unit including any 'breath' weapons I have available!

This frenzy of attacks takes it toll on the Orc unit (the 20 plus Orcs at the top of the picture are all casualties!) and I do JUST enough to whittle down the ranks to stop them having 'standfast' due to their superiour number of ranks!

Without 'standfast' the Orcs flee the combat and my Orges pull them down as they turn to flee!

First blood (in the badlands) to the Ogres.

On the other table Lano was busy running away from Anthony's Lizard men!

OH the shame of it!

We made our post game rolls and the campaign map looks like this . . . .

Lee = Green, Lano = Blue, Me = Yellow, Phil = Red and Anthony = Black
My Gnobblars were also promoted to a 'Regiment of Renown' and now have armour piercing attacks!

Just to rub it into Lano (somemore) here is a close up of Lee and I's army markers on the map!

Where are yours' mate?

In other news Anthony and Lee had a 'Paths to Glory' Throwdown after the big games.

Unfortunately I had to bolt so could not get a game of PtG in :0(

BUT Anthony's Warband is shaping up nicely!

So I am really blessed at the moment as it seems I have three campaigns gathering steam at the moment.

Here's to a great summer of gaming!


  1. I will get my markers soon!
    Pendraken only let me know recently that they cast to order so my miniatures are waiting in a line to be made!

  2. What a cracking start for the Ogres!

    1. Really was. Every one is now eyeing my advances with caution. I figure they will all turn on me at some point!

  3. Smashing stuff, love to read through campaigns, the Ogres really pack a punch, poor orcs. Love Anthony's PtG warband, nicely done :-)

    1. When do we every get to say "poor Orcs"?

      Anthony's stuff is always a pleasure to blog!

    2. When you've played them "Badly" as many times as I have, they can quickly become poor orcs, believe me :-)

    3. I have to be honest I do have a soft spot for Orcs myself. Probably has something to do with their 'Cockney' accents in Lord of the Rings! ;0)

  4. Those Gnoblars... doomed to remain unpainted. :(

    Very cool start to the campaign though mate. That map looks spiffy as feck. (Way better than my card pieces Mighty Empires effort...)

    Anthony's PtG team is pretty good looking. Never thought to use Kromac!

    1. My story is they painted them selves brown to camouflage themselves and I'm sticking to it! ;0)

      The map was made on photoshop but I might use just coloured outlines like the original book in future.

      Anthony's warband is a great looking warband. I just hope to get a game against them soon!


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