Thursday, 27 April 2017

Saga battle report. The 'Dags' of war!!

Last week Macca and I once again locked horns over a game of SAGA.

Battle report to follow

Macca had been busy with the brushes and plonked 6 paints of gorgeously painted SAGA Irish on the table.

I went for a flying brick of 6 points of SAGA Vikings.

Last game (and the one before that!) was a bit of a drubbing on yours truly. Macca the first game had brought a legendary character (I forget which one) to see what they did, the second time he brought him because he knew exactly what he did!! 

This time being the gentlemen he is Macca decided to leave the legendary fella at home in order to make the game a closer run thing (and therefore more exciting). Macca also stated it was not fair on me as I was not fielding legendary figures and he had too big of an advantage last game. Top bloke!

Shaggy (the neutral) sets the field and leaves a lovely big lump of terrain in the middle of the field!

So I used the time honoured tactic of a 'conga line' to advance, staying more then 4 inches away from uneven ground. I am sure I read about this in Sun Tzu's 'art of war (and party dances)'!

Because it looks so much fun the rest of my warband joins in!

Macca sends forth a road block who unleash their javelins.

Boosted by various battle board abilities this decimates one of my nearest unit of Bondi.

Determined not to stall out my attack I charge in the decimated unit.

My unit are wiped out but force the Irish back.

The rest of the Irish move forward to unleash their javelins.

I pounce onto the corraling Irish and get busy with the axes. 

Both sides suffer heavy casualties and the fatigue and casualties soon start to rise!

Now last game the Irish would have been able to burn off this fatique using the legendary character's special ability. In this game fatigue would REALLY play a factor.

In the flurry of attacks I manage to isolate the Irish Warlord.

Now can I override enough of the Irish battle board abilities to mount a decisive attack? . . . . .

"Come and 'ave a go if you think your 'ard enough!!"

With the Irish warlord surviving my assassin run the rest of his forces rush to the rescue! . . . . .

and now it's my Warlords turn to fight for his life!

No quarter is asked or given as shield walls are formed and broken in the centre!

Despite the rescue attempts the Irish Warlord remains dangerously exposed!

I attempt to bring up my Berserkers to finally tip the balance . . . .

. . . but they are met with a barrage of javelins!

I crash in the surviving Berserkers to reap their revenge, but a horrififc roll of the die see my berserkers bounce off their supposed victims without them even noticing!!

As the slaughter continues in the centre several Irish units become exausted and unable to activate!!

In order to tip the balance it is now Macca's turn to commit his reserves and his 'dags' come bounding across the field!

With numbers on their side the 'dags' attack my diminished units and happily rip the isolated warriors apart!!

Now it is my turn to suffer as the wiped out units cause my Warlords fatigue levels to rise as he is forced to watch his remaining warband ripped limb from limb!

Finally my warlord is set upon by the rabid 'dags' and dispatched to Valhalla!

A much closer game this time and at the end we were both glad Macca left the legendary figures at home as the game was a proper knife edged battle to the last die. . . . . What wargaming should be!!

While this dust up was going on there was also an epic Warmahordes battle taking place between Lano and Tim. . . . 

Mean while the rest of the lads were busy trying to survive the 'Dead of winter'.

All in all a top night and looking forward to our next meet on the 18th of May.


  1. What a great game, edge of your seat stuff.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed that Riot, looked and sounded like a fun game to play. Both your armies looked the business, very impressed :-)

    1. Funnilly enough throughout the game we were both commenting on how good each others armies looked.

  3. Very cool battle! Those Irish are pesky... Take away their potatoes next time to throw them off their game.

    1. I tried to but Shaggy would not take the brides I kept offering and plonked the terrain in the middle of the battle field!

  4. Good stuff, seems SAGA is the flavour of the month atm on a number of blogs :)

    1. It's just one of those great rule sets that you can just pull out after a long hiatus and be back in the swing of things by the second or third turn.


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