Wednesday, 19 April 2017

More Ogres!!!!!

Over the Bank holiday I managed to finish off another two Ogres.

Once again these were miniatures I had been block colouring and ink washing through the winter months so as soon as I get a decent stint of good painting light I can attempt to finish them off.

First up is my standard bearer for my Ironguts.

Went with a red banner as it contrasts nicely with the green banner for the Ogre Bulls unit and also with the very pale skin of the standard bearer.

In an attempt to associate them with my Empire army I also painted the imperial shields adorning the miniature to match the paint job of my Imperial Army Knights "The second sons".

I am practising my pale skin tones in preperation for some 'AoS 28' stuff I have planned over the summer months.

I was surprised how good he looked in the close up considering this is my first attempt with the colour scheme.

Second up is a Leadbelcher.

Good news about this figure is it also made me finally finish up a Gnobblar!

I also tried some OSL effects from the torch on the side of the Ogre face but not sure how successful it was.

Looks fine for a table top standard figure.

I am thinking of having one of my Armies for 'Blood in the Badlands' based on a beast tamer tribe with lots of the more fauna based elements of the Ogres lists, with hunters and some of the bigger beasties from the rare section of the army lists in abundance!

Now the numbers
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 100

Miniatures bought 16 due to new Mordheim campaign, Riotville live! and Paths to Glory.
370 miniatures to go!
Really glad to have broken the 100 miniatures painted or sold so soon into the year but I am off to Salute next week so expect the unpainted total to rise sharply again!


  1. Very nice mate, question are your bases resin or home made?

    1. Thanks man.

      The bases are Starbucks coffee stirrers cut to size and painted. . . . . Other companie's coffee stirrers are available ;0)

  2. I like this red banner better than the green. Something about it.

    Skintones look great and that gnoblar is very green. As he should be.

    1. I also think the Red stands out more. I guess that suits the unit as they are my battering ram.

      All my Goblins and Orks are old skool snot green. They have to be proper green! ;0)

  3. Replies
    1. Many thanks. I think I am getting into my stride with the Ogres now.

  4. Smashing Stuff Riot, love the squig "shoulder pad", nicely aggressive :-)

    1. Thanks man. The Gnobblar 'shoulder pad' is part of the sculpt. Gotta love 'em


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