Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Warhammer fantasy

Sod it, only 2 months in and already another distraction.

Fellas down the Miniature empire gaming club are running a fantasy campaign, based on an old White dwarf article called "the tale of 4 gamers". Basically you start with a force of 750 points and have 6 weeks to get everything painted, at some point in the future forces will be upgraded to 1000 pts, 1500pts etc but EVERYTHING has to be painted. Please follow the action here. Lano and Gantam have already knocked out their 750 points here and they look amazing!!

After a really crap day at work yesterday I popped in for just a chat and walked out with 750 points of empire forces (funny how that works).  Currently in the process of having them assembled by Lano at the Miniature empire for me (when did miniatures come in so many pieces!!!!!!!) and will look to get them all painted over the half term week off.

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