Monday, 24 February 2014

The 6 Dominions Bloodbowl tournament...Shameless 6 Nations Rugby rip-off

Some of the fellas at the Miniature empire have taken an interest in my blog and have expressed an interest in my Blood bowl teams.

One thing leads to another and I am now running a 6 Dominions BTSSNRRO (Blood bowl tournament shameless 6 nations rugby rip off).

Here is the icon for merchandising etc

In keeping with the shameless rip off theme it is shamelessly ripped off from this

Before I know it there are teams approaching "Up yours park" (now the site of the modern "Upton park" in East London), from the lands of the Lizards, orcs, Elves (both male and female teams), humans, Halfling Pygmies (with orge support) and Undead. 

I know its 7 teams but Bloodbowl players are really poor counters

Looks like it will all be kicking off next friday so I really need to get a wiggle on with my painting

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