Wednesday, 26 February 2014

the green bombs arrive, the orcs complete their passing game

With the 6 Dominions kicking off this friday I really need to get a move on finishing my team.

In keeping with the spirit of the game I've said that none of the teams need to be painted or even needs to field the correct miniatures, and to be honest if their armed its not too far from the anarchic nature of the game either, I have justed asked people to paint the bases to help minimise confusion.

But to be honest I feel I should field a complete painted team as the organiser.

Today my son was ill so I had to stay home, between the crying and puking (thats from him not me) I managed to finish off another Orc chucker and kicker.

Love the kicker and there is nothing more satisfying then running him up to an opposing  player and kicking them in the nuts!

The chucker to the left is actually a 3rd edition blitzer but he is in roughly the right pose so decided to use him.

Time to confuse the opposition (and probably my own team with a passing game.........

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