Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Black orc blocker, Balor the one eye

Got another Orc blocker finished up.

This is the first and only 3rd editon blocker I will put in the team. Its a cool mini with lots of really nice details, the problem is I already have 3 blockers and I just think they have more character.

This is the first mini I undercoated black (I usually use white), it certainly makes things quicker the paint but not sure a like the way the colours look over the black undercoat. However with this much armour and stuff it made a lot of sense.

Talking of character, check this bloke out

if anyone looks like a Bloodbowl player its this fella. Painted him with slightly boss eyed as it just seemed to suit the look of the figure. Love this mini!!

Thats the green wall all finished. Time to play some smash mouth football..................

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