Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Warhammer fantasy. Empire vs the green horde

Had a couple of hours to spare so popped into the miniature empire in the hope of a pick up game.

Damon was in residence and was more to happy to pull out 750points of Orcs to kick off with.

To be honest I could not have picked a better faction to go against as I had been considering how to stop my units from getting tied up against bigger units since my encounter against the lizard men last game.

Initial deployment

Suddenly my 14 figures did not look so intimidating.

As the orcs had no shooty units I took a chance and put my wizard out on his own.

First turns

Gryphs get stuck into a unit of orcs and promptly turn them to mince meat

Magic was largly ineffectual. Had a bit of a shakey moment where I rolled a double 6 but then Damon explained that on dispells it means an immediate dispell not that my head explodes!!

Turn 3
now time to find out if I can mince a big unit before I get bogged down and lose the tactical advantage.

Turns out I can as I inflict massive casualties for the cost of 4 knights and 2 wounds to the gryphs.

A really poor die roll means the orcs break and get wiped out !

then the unit left of picture poop their pants (if anyone would notice with orcs) and leg it off the table.

Damon and I shake hands on a good game.

Lessons learnt.

1) glad i did not buy an orc army as i would never get all those miniatures painted in time
2) need to hit big units as hard a possible with multiple units to clear them off the table as quick as possible or I will quickly lose the tactical edge and the enemy will be able to move around the table at their leasure.
3) do not want to start buying infantry units for my next 250 points so will look to get another unit of knights and some pistoliers to take care of any lone wizards and artillery units as well as increase my number of units.

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