Sunday, 2 February 2014

The green wall takes shape. More signing for the Orc team

Received two new ebay purchases this week (actually it was a few but these were the only 2 I wanted and the rest will be sold on).

Both are 2nd edition Orc Blockers. I have always loved the blockers and will look to get a full set of 4.

Once again gone for the classic red armour as it looks great as a contrast to the green skin and it will make a strong colour scheme through the 16 models (and possible troll!).

I usually play a smash mouth style of blood bowl as it is in keeping with the ork mentality. With this is mind the blocker to the left has been painted with a black eye and bloody nose. I was going to paint in battle damage etc but figured this is a once a year game and the orcs will kit out their boyz so not to be outclassed by those "rich flash ooman gits"

The orc blockers will be called the green wall.

Multiple blocks and loose teeth here we come...............

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