Saturday, 15 February 2014

This is what a painted army should look like. Empire vs lizards

Managed to get back to the miniature empire before it closed to squeeze in another game.

Lano was still there so I had to play him just to get the chance of showing his figures in my blog. Seriously they are gorgeous and all painted in under 3 weeks!!!!!

there are also 40 odd skinks but the photos did not come out well.

I summerise Lanos army as flyey, stompy, shooty and magiky

Once again the fast movers come flying down my left flank (pun intended), something went wrong with their frenzy and they had to attack the gryphs

Gryphs tore them to pieces and then got stuck into a unit of skinks, leaving one standing which hightailed it off the board

Then learnt my secong lesson about magic....its just as powerful when it all goes wrong and you roll a double six!!

suddenly i lose half my knights and my wizard disappears!!! (but man those lizards look awesome)

Next the grpyhs got hold of the skink wizard and made it into a nice hand bag and pair of shoes and what was left of my forces made a valiant effort of it but were soundly beaten by the end of turn six.

Lessons from this game;
1) 11 magic die are great but it goes so wrong so quick,
2) gryphs really are the mustard but can really be showed down by big units
3) shooting is really hard to pull off and my dream of a Henry the 5th style army of longbow men is not a good idea

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