Monday, 23 July 2018

The battle of the bulge. . . . Warhammer fantasy style.

With Lano's Wood Elves rampaging through my territories in our summer campaign I was forced to confront him in order to stop the rot.

I was also worried about the other generals following Macca's example and making a land grab on my divided kingdom!!

For this reason I found my General mustering his forces against the feared Elves!

Lano deployes his Elves . . . . .

  . . . . . and funnily enough Lano hides his big, stompy, flammable, tree-thing behind a building well away from my Sorceror ;0)

"Nothing to see here Mike!"

With the big tree thing hiding behind the building my Sorceror goes all in with 'Seering doom' against the Woodelf general.

With a big smile on his face Lano informs me that the general has a 2+ ward save against flaming attacks for just this reason. . . . . . his face then falls when he rolls two 1's and the General takes 4 wounds!!

To put an end to this Lano charges in his Dryads.

True to form my Chaos Warriors smash the Dryads into kindling and my Exalted Hero gains +1 strength thanks to 'the eye of the Gods'!

The Dryads turn and flee from the Melee but are caught and cut down by the Chaos Warriors. The high roll also allows the Warriors to crash into the Tree-kin behind!!

The massacre of the Dryads proves too much for the Elven archers and they turn and flee!!

I've got to be honest, no one is more surprised then me that this is going so well!!

Of course the dice have to even out and I end up rolling a miscast while casting 'Glittering robe' on the Warriors of Khorne.

The miscast causes my Sorceror to lose 3 levels and 3 spells . . . . Unfortunately this includes 'searing doom'.

To add insult to injury I then forget to use the boosted armour value in the following close combat phase!!!!!!!

I fail to dispatch the Elf Tree thing but my Chaos Warriors continue to rampage through the middle of the Elven line by causing the Tree kin to flee!

In Lano's turn he reforms his lines and prepares to take the fight back to me.

My Chaos Knights desperately trying to pull down the Tree Thing are blind sided by the Elven Wild riders and massacred while the Tree thing crushes the remaining Warriors of Khorne!!

Desperate to keep up the momentum (and not get surrounded my the pursuing Elven units) I charge my Warriors into the recently rallied Archers.

Thankfully the charge is devastating and the momentum carries me out of threat range!!

In turn 5 my Warriors reform to face the encroaching Elves while my Skull Crushers FINALLY break through on my left flank and ride down some Elf Skirmishers.

The battle remains balanced on a knifes edge!

Lano does the maths and there is only 70 points in it.

With my losing 'Searing doom' earlier in the game I am unable to really harm the Elf General or Lieutenant and Lano needs to kill the solo Skull crusher to take the win.

The Elven archers pull back their bows and unleash their arrows. . . . . . Lano rolls his dice. . . . . . and rolls the one six needed to kill the Skull Crusher and take the win!!!!!


On the other table Macca and Lee were throwing down.

Lee managed to take the win by destroying the majority of the undead army while out maneuvering the Vampire lord and his horde of Skeleton body guard.

Macca actually had the audacity to complain that no-one will attack his super killy Vampire!?!?!

Macca also let it slip during the post game rolls that Lano had reneged on his promise to grant Macca some additional land tiles if he attacked my territories!!!!!!!!

The plot thickens!!

Here is how the map looks at the end of season two.

Lano, Wood elves = Green. Lee, Empire = white. Macca, undead = Black. Phil, Dark Elves = Purple. Me, Chaos = Blue

I am managing to pinch off the advance of Lano's Elves into my territory but am currently unable to destroy his army that is rampaging through my lands.

With the non-aggression pact between Macca and I in tatters we have started to exchange territories on our border while Lee has taken full advantage of the situation to make an aggressive land grab through the centre of the map.

Meanwhile Phil remains bunkered down in his corner of the map aggressivly defending his borders.

Next game will be the end of season game. . . . . . Can't wait!!


  1. To be fair. The land I promised George was given to him... only to be stolen by Lee and his Empire! Not my fault George couldn’t protect his lands :P

    Cracking game as always.

    1. Did you hear that Macca? Lano deliberately gave you land to use you as a buffer against the Empire!!!!

      Why didn't he give you some safe land to the North-West which would have been safe from incursions??!??!

      When you sup with the Devil, use a long spoon!! ;0)

    2. Retribution I need retribution.


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