Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Silver Tower; Trail of Ulgu


With the heat just being unrelenting in London at the moment the lad and I just wanted to sit there and sweat.

Then we decided we might as well play 'Silver Tower' while we were sitting there!

The trial started with a 'conundrum' which we swiftly failed. No big deal but a bunch of Grots turned up and started trouble!

Troy charges in and lays waste with his 'fury of Sigmar' which blasts everything on a 2+.

With Troy nicking all the 'renown'  I sprint through the chamber into 'A living path' and more Grots appear!

I get busy with the sword and once again Troy leapfrogs me to enter the 'Crystal Junction'.

With Troy not getting an armour save in this chamber he decides to stand back and let Dad do the heavy lifting!

I carry on smashing through to the 'sodden chamber'.

We carry on our head long charge into the next chamber and several Acolytes and Blue Horrors appear!

Once again Troy lays waste with his 'area effect' attack!

Bringing up the rear I only get the last pickings.

Somehow I manage to miss with the majority of my attacks and Troy swoops in to poach the last renown.

We stop to catch our breath before entering the next chamber.

Good job we did as the chamber was called 'Overwhelmed' and was the final chamber for this trial.

Many, MANY Grots appeared!!

Imagine heroic score playing in the background

Undetered Troy heroically strides into the chamber and lays waste with his area attacks!!!!

After we slay wave after wave of Grots we finally claim the next piece of the amulet!

Troy also claims the following skills and treasures.

While I keep my original skill set and treasures.

Got to be honest we absolutely blasted through this trail, mostly due to my son rolling sixes like a boss while always rolling the best results on the 'adversary tables'.

Maybe I should take my son along to roll the dice next time I play Lano?


  1. He certainly did a good job, both of you were taking the action to the monsters, excellent stuff :-)

    1. Head down and charge!!!!

      It just seemed right the way the lad was rolling sixes.

  2. I haven't been drawn into this game, but it certainly looks fun judging for what I see here! Interesting. Thanks!

    1. It's a fun little 'plug and play' board game and there is certainly NO faulting the miniatures.


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