Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Silver Tower; Trail of Ghur

This last weekend the lad and I sat down to play the third quest in our ongoing search for an escape from the 'Silver Tower'.

We had a lovely surprise when the wife plonked herself down and asked us if she could join the party.

I rushed up stairs and pulled out 'Slayonce' as her proxy for the Fyreslayer.
The quest had a bit of a false start when the first chamber contained a portal which just shot us back to the beginning (i.e. one tile!).

We exited the 'ingress chamber' a second time into the 'Star Nexus'.

We make short work of the Grots . . . . . . Well it would have been short work if the wife would have stopped asking questions!!

The Crystal junction sees us confront some Acolytes. They prove to be very tough to beat. . . .

 . . . . That is until Slayonce storms into the room!!

My son is very impressed with his Mum's arse - kicking abilities!

On a roll De, carries on charging down the corridors  . . . . . into some Blue Horrors!

Desperate to earn some renown for ourselves we leap frog my wife to get stuck in.

The wife is not impressed and surges back to the fore!

Finally we expose the final chamber and are confronted by the Ogroid and it's body guard!

It's a close run thing. . . . . .

But we finally slay all the opponents and claim the shard of Ghur!

With the wife laying waste to all before her it is only fitting when she retains the following skill.

Who knows, maybe she will join us on our next quest?


  1. That was wonderful, especially as all were involved!

    1. 'We' all seemed to be enjoying ourselves by the end ;0)

  2. Excellent, great to see another quest successfully slaine :-)


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