Friday, 10 April 2015

The Lords of resin giveth and taketh away!

Decided this week to clear some space in the house and a storage unit I have by shifting stuff via some bootsales. The volume of stuff is just too much for ebay etc at the moment as listing will take HOURS.

One of the things I did decide to move on is some of the Warmachine stuff I have bought which has been sitting in its boxes for far too long!

Was feeling really pleased with my self when I had managed to empty the majority of the car, including several boxes of Skorne and Mercenaries before 9am!

Was home less then 20 minutes when there was a knock on the door and the postie handed me this....

I am a little bewildered as it's from Titan forge miniatures and unless I have been sleep clicking on ebay I have not bought a single miniature this year AND it is addressed to my wife.

A quick call to the Misses and all is revealed..... 

This is my belated birthday present. She swore blind she ordered it over a month ago! The Titan forge web site had said 8 days delivery and she just figured she had been ripped off so bought me a small last minute present the day before my birthday.

I am given the OK and feveriously rip open the envelope and ......

Pure 28mm resin beauty is revealed!!!!!!!!

9 new miniatures to replace the 17 I had JUST sold!

I am trying to deplete the lead mountain...... HONEST!

8 more down, 363 to go!

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