Saturday, 25 April 2015

Salute 2015. The things that what I saw and bought. Including some 28mm resin fish!

Today was my first EVER Salute, and blimey what a baptism of fire.

I have to be honest I'm still a little bit giddy.


There are sure to be a million blogs about Salute and all of them will be showing photos of the 'Battle of Hoth' gaming board but I have to admit my love affair with Star Wars died with the release of 'The Phantom Menace'. I remember ensuring I was in an English speaking country when it was released (I was travelling the world at the time) and REALLY wish I had not made the effort.

There was only one display that caught my full attention and that was '4 Ground'  and their Mordheim..... sorry I mean Mordanburg display board!

If you look closely you might just see my droll marks!

Damn the '4 Ground' blokes they made me go £26 over budget and despite all my big talk Lano caught me cracking out my debit card!

and these are the bits which caused me to crack out the debit cards!

and finally the other things that what I bought.

It was nice to meet Kev from Hasslefree miniatures. He turned out to be a top bloke.

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