Saturday, 18 April 2015

Lego Mordheim. Game one. Everything is awesome in the battle for the gate house

"Back you varmints..... BACK!!"

With the building of some terrain last weekend, me and the boy sat down last night to spend our 400 gold coins.

With our warbands decided we were off bright and early this morning (after Athletics) to the Lego shop at Westfield to buy any bits we needed.

Then the bad news. Both the zombies and Lego castle range is discontinued! Thankfully the young lad helping us was an absolute superstar. He 'felt' his way through about 100 packs of minifigs to use his special 'lego helper' powers to find both the Evil Wizard and Goblin minifigs. I was a bit apprehensive opening the packets but the fella was spot on and found us both figures just by the feel of the bricks inside!!!!!!

It all gets a bit exciting!!!!!!

The fella then went and had a search round the back for any Zombie heads he could find so we could build our own lego figures! THEN he come back with the last pack of Lego Castle knights to see if that would be any use. That will have be a special email sent to lego head quarters as the fella went above and beyond the call of duty to help us out.

So with the bones of what we need, we rushed home to put our bands together (quite literally!).

First up the goodies.

The Goodies

The goodies follow the Bretonian rules and comprise of;
King, 2 knights, 2 squires and for Henchmen 2 men at arms and a bowman.

The X factor

To keep the munchkin happy we also bought two Warrior Princesses. Both princesses will have key roles in any scenario she plays in.

The Baddies

The baddies are based on the Von Carlston warband and comprise of;
Evil Necromancer Wizard, goblin and evil knight as Dregs. The hench men are two spooks and a zombie. Still need to add the vamp and look out for more zombies but we had enough to play.

The terrain is set. The scenario is a simple one. The goodies are attempting to force their way through the gate house to begin their conquest of Mordheim from the Baddies. Two princessess have hidden their treasure within the area. The goodies need to meet up with the princesses and then search the buildings for the treasure. With the princessess in tow the roll needed to find the treasure drops from a six to a three+.
The baddies are attempting to capture the Princesses for their overlord as well as learn the location of the treasure.

the board is set

The combat systems is a simple one;

The King needs a 3+ to hit and then wound anyone.

Heros need a 4+ to hit and then wound Henchmen and a 5+ to hit and then wound other Heros.

Hench men hit and wound each other on a 4+ and Heros on a 5+.

Injury rolls stay the same. This is for both ranged and melee attacks.

We have no modifiers for range and cover (at the moment).

To hit and wound rolls will decrease as the figures get more experience.

The Baddies mass behind the White Tower and prepare to repel the invaders in to their new domains.

"We make our stand here!"

Munchkin rolls for deployment and rolls a six! This means she can choose any table edge. In a wisdom belying her age (of Three) she decides to deploy as near as possible to the Goodies.

"of course we are smiling. We rolled a six!"

The Goodies peer into the gloom of Mordheim and steel their hearts for the battle ahead.

"go on, after you". "No I insist after you!"

The Baddies storm into the 'White Tower' and search desperately for the hidden treasure.

"It's not bloody here!"
The Princesses locate the 'Broken King' and pass on the secret of the treasures location. Now they just have to search the ruins.

"Shhh don't tell the Baddies"

The goodies move up to stop my running. The boy is about to learn a lesson in not giving his figures mutual support.

As the Goodies are brave Knights we decide they do not have to worry about 'all alone tests'.

One goodie against six Baddies. This can only go well!

The Baddies sneak up and prepare to storm out of the Tower

"I smell man flesh!"

Just then a Goodie Henchman pops round the corner, fires his crossbow and stuns the Zombie!

"Surprise! Now eat lego fury!"

The surviving Spooks charge in and the brave Goodie attempts to fend them off with his spear.

"You want some! Come get some!"
The single Goodie manages to stall out my entire attack! The goblin continues his desperate search of the ruins.

"Grrrr. It's not here!"
Finally my Baddies get to launch themselves out of the castle but the goodies have had enough time to move up in support. It all goes a bit medieval in the centre as we hack each other to pieces!

Despite the hits I cannot take anyone out of action.

The Evil Wizard watches the carnage from a safe distance.

"Thats right lads get stuck in. I will watch from up here (where it's safe).
Seeing his warband start to fall the King is filled with righteous indignation and charges up in support. He draws the Zombie in his sights and lets fly with his crossbow.

He plugs the Zombie firmly between the eyes but can only knock it down. At least this stops it charging. A second Squire moves up in support.

"Your next matey!"

The Evil Knight finally gets to charge the Goodie knight from behind and the Baddies weight of numbers finally starts to tell and swings the battle in their favour in the centre.

The Necromancer attempts a fireball but fluffs his lines and gets hit with two crossbow bolts for his troubles.

"Ha Ha, I've charged him in the back. If only he had his eyes closed as well!"
The Wizard continues to survey the carnage from his vantage point!

"He He. It's good to be bad!"

The Goblin finally manages to dispatch his foe and lines up a charge on the knocked down Knight.

"If only he was asleep as well!"

Seeing the tides of battle going against him the 'Broken King' decides to make a final stand from the Guard Tower.

The Baddies are forced to run the gauntlet of open ground!

The three remaining Goodies steel themselves for the final battle. The guy on the left looks unsure about his chances!

"We could just run you know!"
No one can dispute their vantage point. Could their sweeping fields of fire swing the game!

"Whats that blur in the distance?"

The Baddies bolt from cover to cover is a desperate attempt to assault the Tower.

"If it's green or evil shoot it!"

Despite skulking in the shadows, the Baddies start to fall from the volleys of missle fire.

Troy checks his lines of sight!

"Is it?"

"Is it.............?"

"Yep it's in...... Got YER!!!!"
The Necromancer is forced to expose himself in order to get off a Fireball. Despite dropping a Knight he is open to the return fire.

Can he survive the hail of cross bow bolts?

"Eat flaming fury!"

NO! An excellent roll of die sees the Necromancer popped off! With the destruction of the Wizard the power controlling the spooks disipates and the remaining Baddies bolt for home without the leadership of the Evil Wizard to keep them in the fight.

"Drat!!!!!!" "I will be avenged!"

With the control of the battle field, the remaining Goodies dig up all the hidden treasure.

This should be more then enough to get them started!

"Now this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!"
Despite the simplified combat system to speed up the game we still used a majority of th proper rules and it turned into a cracking little game of Mordheim!

The boy was really getting into the tactics and LOS principles by the end. He was always going to win but I had to keep it exciting for him.

His fist pump when he dropped the Necromancer was priceless!

I am tempted to keep the Head Vampire out of the campaign until the King is strong enough to take him out without too much drama but we will see.

Lesson learnt.



  1. That is the coolest thing I've read in a long time! Fantastic stuff :-)

    1. cheers me and the boy had a real giggle playing.

      Trouble is this could get more expensive then war gaming!

  2. An epic battle! Brilliant! And it seems your boy is hooked! Better get used to being trounced on a regular basis!

    A couple of years ago I spent a few months amassing a load of Doctor Who Character Building figures (if only I had had the same powers as the chap from the Lego many Amys do you need?) with the idea of using them with my son to play the Doctor Who Miniatures Game...I never got around to it but after reading this I have the urge to go and dig them out!

    1. if you read ANY of my battle reports you will see I'm used to being trounced on a regular basis.

      I would recommend revisiting the Dr. Who, it was a lovely hour and a half spent with the boy. It's also less soul destroying watching him pull a Lego figure apart rather then a miniature I have spent 2 days painting!

  3. Everything about that blog was awesome! I really need to do something similar with my 2...

    Nice to see a 5 year old can what I can't and beat you!

  4. Cheers mate, can't recommend it enough.

    I heart still burns with the memory of a certain game of WHF against some Goblins where I was decimated and ended up with my noble Knights fleeing the field in disarray!

    1. Oh yes, my one and only goblin victory, funny I just have memories of Friday's game...

    2. I guess wargaming is like life..... celebrate the small victories.

      I have to be honest 40K seems to lend itself to certain armies. I have never played in such a one sided game before. It just felt like I was invincible. Not sure if any game should feel like that.

  5. Yes I guess the hammerings do stand out more than the victories. But lessons learnt and all that. One day I'll win again.

    Not the best 1st game of 40k ever, but I least I got to play a game for the 1st time in 2 months. But I have to say after rolling 30 to hit, followed by 20 to wound ending up with 1 dead marine was a bit of an indicator as to how the game was gonna go... Next time I'm using las cannons, lots of las cannons!


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