Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Mordheim. The Short shank Redemption. Game two.

"Bloody typical, you dip your 'little axe' in one bloody Dwarf maiden and suddenly your tramping through the ruins of Mordheim an exile from your own homeland!"

"OK so the maiden in question was my brothers wife and it was during the reception festivities, but come on!"

"Of course the quick fix was to become a Troll Slayer and I even went so far as to get the hair cut but have you ever seen a Troll? Their bloody ENORMOUS!"

"And I'm not allowed to just shoot the bloody thing in the back from a safe distance..... NOOOOOOOO.... I'm supposed to get up close and personal with just a bloody axe!"

"Yer sod all that, pass me the heavy armour and the hand cannon!"

"Love the Hair style, just not the life style!"

"So we're mining a diamond stream we found in the Bretonnian forest when we come home one night to find some human broad holed up in our cottage and animal shit everywhere."

"Never really been into tall birds but shes pretty enough for a human I suppose."

"Turns out she's a princess who has been on the run from her step mother who just tried to have her killed. Shes now on her way to Mordheim to get rich quick so she can return and kick the 'witches' arse back to where she come from."

"Some detailed negotiation later and we are on our way to Mordheim to help her mine Wyrd stone and then get her back on the throne with the funds."

"Once she's Queen we get the old birds 'know all' magic mirror and a cut of all the mining rights in her kingdom. RESULT!!!!"

"Now all we have to do is stay alive long enough to collect."

This Saturday saw only three of the regulars in attendance at 'Rom at the Ford'. Once again we decided to roll with our new warbands. The first game was last week but the bands were unpainted and there were far too many proxies in place to warrant a blog post.

It will be a fight for the 'executioners square' and it's a 'wyrd stone hunt'.

We set up in three opposite corners and are under starters orders.


On your marks......

Vikings (proxies)

Get set.......



We all race for the nearest wyrd stone. My Dwarves have trouble keeping up with their stumpy little legs. Thankfully there will be no climbing!

Macca grabs his nearest wyrd stone and goes into hiding. I guess the new warband does not mean a change towards 'Vikingy' tactics.

"Valhalla awaits us!..... Now hide!"

Neil and I continue to bolt for the central tower. My plan is to get the Dwarves as central as possible to screw up everyone elses running, because they are within 8" of one of my figures. This means I only lose 1" movement to my opponents rather then 2". This does not make me popular with Neil.

"Dwarves are built for speed rather then endurance"
My dwarves hug the walls and try to make the most of any available cover.

Especially as Macca has excellent fields of fire from his tower. I am temptped to fire back but this will just slow my dispersal even more. With even my Thunderers having a WS of 4 I want to get to grips with one of my opponents as quickly as possible.

Maccas Wulfen braves the open ground and bolts along the walkway to grab the last Wyrd stone token.

Somehow the Wulfen survives the barrage of fire directed towards him from all directions. In desperation Macca decides to attempt to jump off the end of the walkway. This does not go well but the Wilfen survives the fall and eventually gets back to his feet to run into the sanctuary of the far tower.

Wulfen... Good at howling at the moon..... crap at jumping off towers!

Part of Neils force break out of the tower and despite Neils focus on dropping the Wulfen I'm worried about being sandwiched between the two human forces. I decide to attack Neils dispersed forces while he is distracted with shooting down the Wulfen. Once again this does not make me popular with Neil.

I was on the recieving end of  Neils multiple bows last game. This resulting in my engineer losing an arm and I am not going to fall victim to that again and set on Neils force as it breaks cover.

"Pay backs are a bitch!"
My Thunderers; Chuck Boris and Grub manage to fell one of Maccas Marksmen holed up in the tower with their crossbows.

My Noble 'The Butcher' then drops one of Neils warband with his pistol.

Unable to get to the Wulfen and taking casualties, Neil bolts his forces back into the central tower. Now I am stuck in open ground between two larger forces holed up in opposite towers. That has not gone to plan at all!

I decide to see if I can drop the wrydstone carrying Wulfen (I put this down to Dwarven greed) with my Thunderers while my Slayers try to force the first room of the central tower.

This results in my Noble getting into a Mexican stand off with Neils forces within the tower. I do not have the firepower to clear Neil from the opposite room and Neil does not have the strength in his weapons to wound my Dwarves. Neither of us are willing to risk the assault through the door and risk being mobbed on the other side.

"I'm a Trollslayer NOT stupid!"

As Maccas Wulfen has escaped into the tower I bring up the rest of my missle armed troops in the hope they can turn the tide within the tower and cause enough casualties to risk the assault. It's not the perfect tactics for my Dwarves but figure I can risk the barrage of st3 hits while only half the Humans can get a clean shot.

This proves irrelevant as Neil fails his first Moral check due to his casualties. Neil is never one to run from a fight and his visibly upset with the result! I guess he will be buying a holy relic asap! Once again Neil is not happy with me.

"We outnumber them two to one.... RUN!"
I now turn my attention on the Vikings (?) holed up in the tower.

Maccas Henchmen decide to throw one of their companions off the tower to take the 25% casualties needed to voluntarily rout ! 

Seriously..... he throws one of his own Henchman off the tower!

I don't think Macca knows what Viking are.


"AHHHHH...... your barstards!"
Some how he survives the strength 7 hit!!!

As he has survived Macca gives him a pat on the back and then orders him to run towards my Dwarves on a one man run!

"Well done. Now charge that lot!"
I make the mistake of getting over confident and just run my Dwarves out to get the shot in. Suddenly I realise I have opened myself up to a barrage of fire from the remaining Viking Marksmen holed up in the tower!

Thankfully I survive the incoming fire (was this Macca's plan all along?) and my Noble shoots down the approaching Viking.

This allows Macca to rout and he grabs it with down hands.

I do not think this one will make it into the Sagas!

Thankfully none of my Warband die in the injurie rolls. This is a very strange feeling!

Once again another cracking game of Mordheim (well for me at least!).

"Run you lanky barstards. RUN!"

In a strange case of life imitating art my Beardling 'Snow White' is promoted to a Hero.

A slightly more slutty version of Snow White. Come on she lives with 7 Dwarves, people are going to talk!

As I said my Engineer lost his arm last week and his Miniature was only ever sculpted with one arm.

"Look, no hands.... sorry I mean one hand!"


  1. Gripping..if slightly mental...stuff!

    1. just your average Saturday night sitting in a shed in Romford... no your right it's a bit mental!

  2. Oi! Not my fault that I grabbed the last wyrd stone and made it back to my tower! You woosies wouldn't come and have a go, especially with my two berserkers waiting to charge! If it had not been so late it would have got more interesting. Hopefully I can get some Viking figures at Salute, so no more proxies.

    1. yer all I hear is WAH, WAH, WAH.

      If you need Vikings your welcome to use my SAGA boys.

    2. every time you run from battle you make the Baby Odin cry!


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