Sunday, 12 April 2015

Hassle Free copper. HFA034 Riot cop Neil

Originally bought this for some crowd control of my Blood Bowl stadium, Truth is with all the other projects which have pushed their way to the fore it is unlikely the stadium will be finished this year (if at all).

This fella has been standing in amoung the 'Green streak ooligans' for nearly a year and it felt unfair him being one of the few unpainted minis in that cabinet.

It's not one of my best paint jobs but I decided to pull him out of the cabinet this afternoon and get him finished for tonight as a present for Neil our excellent host at 'Rom on the ford' for our brilliant Mordheim nights.

Once again a lovely, crisp scult from Hasslefree miniatures. Love this brand!

1 more down, 356 to go!

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