Wednesday, 1 January 2014

40K Terminators small, medium and large

Getting my eye back in....

Before hitting the Bloodbowl mini's I thought it would be a good idea to get my eye back in. First victim is a Space marine terminator from the original version of Space Hulk (another old game that gets an airing every now and then).

Its only a 3 coat effort and everything got a coat of brown ink, a simple affair but it was a fun, if crap first effort

The shoulder pad is from my original chapter called the Bastions of the Emperor, I still like it but the fellas at Miniature empire where good enough to give me some free transfers so I think I will use transfers for the rest

One thing I have noticed is how Terminators have grown since the original versions (I mean in size not use),
Below is a picture of a Space Hulk original, a mid 90's space wolf terminator (a loft find a originally painted in the mid 90's, and a modern effort I picked up to practice on).

Got to be honest the new resin models are looking really nice....... Blood bowl focus on Blood bowl!!

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