Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bloodbowl 2nd edition orc catcher. Giving the Green skins a passing game

I know it seems like the wrong place to start with an Orc team but I figured I will get the catchers out the way first as they will spend the least amount of time on the astro granite and therefore they are the best mini's to start with as I can make the most mistakes.

Here are the lads together, have not figured names for them yet but that will come later. 
The Orc catcher was first painted yellow and then blended up to white. I then Gave him a couple of washes of green ink (Citadel Biel - Tan green ink [still getting used to the names]). I feel it gives it a cool look and adds a much needed variation I need amoungst the players.

Not completely happy with the red eye / white pupil combo but kind of ties in with the albino look.
Added the muddy boot print to the front of the base to give some variety.

Also finished up an Orc Thrower I started 15 years ago and found up in the loft. Much prefer this one to the later edition models 

 With this one I just decided to tidy up previous mistakes and use the new Tan leather colour on the cloth. The skin tone is from an old citadel paint and I decided to keep it to add variety rather then liking the job I did way back when.

Long bombs here we come......

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