Sunday, 19 January 2014

Catch!! Human blood bowl catchers 2nd edition

Another good week of light so cracked on with the painting.
This week it is 2 loft finds. They are the same figure but are the only version of the human catchers I like which are in keeping with the theme of the team I am trying to create (more on that next week).

Have always found the simplest way the make the minis look different is to paint them in different skin tones, especially within a force which wear simular outfits or armour (like space marines).

So here they are

To be honest growing up in London I have never agreed with the homogenised society which is often promoted by fantasy / future wargaming, and again it is a theme which will run through the human team.

here is a link to a really useful article to painting different skin tones

Here's to a diverse future..........................

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