Saturday, 25 January 2014

Reaper Miniatures Muckraker 59034. Proxy human Bloodbowl coach

So here is is Sam "the colonial crippler" MacHorn. Coach of my Human Bloodbowl Team

"Originally from Her Majestry's former colony of the United States of America. After making his name in the Colonial League as a Chucker of renown he was Transfered to London for a Record breaking amount of £10 sterling.

Now retired, he has taken the helm of Her Majestys Gentlemen (some would say by the scruff of the neck!), and reforged them in his own image. Only time will tell if entrusting the Jewel of her Majestry's Realm in the hands of an uncouth colonial will bear fruit".

So here is is the mini which has proved the inspiration for my entire Human blood bowl team.

He is a reaper mini I spotted on my original visit to the miniature empire Gants Hill. My brother is obsessed with Regency bare knuckle boxing and is often seen "chapped up" in a 3 piece suit. As soon as he saw this fella he knew this was his proxy!

His blue tie and yellow waist coat are in keeping with the team colours.

Here is the original reaper miniature

Here is the reaper homepage and I can not recommend these miniatures enough

And if you do want a Reaper mini please check out Carlos' ebay shop. He is the owner of the Mini empire gaming shop and he is a top bloke and his ebay feedback speaks for itself

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