Friday, 3 January 2014

Bloodbowl goblin

Finished the first of my Orc team players which ironically is a goblin.

Pulled out the Goblin catcher first as it is a simple miniature to paint with clean lines and it is small so it is easier to cover any mistakes.

Gone for the classic red armour as it contrasts well with the green skin. The rest of the colour scheme will be a standard tan leather and chain mail, this is because;
1) it reduces the number of paints I need and
2) I think it is in keeping with the feel if the Orcs.

I want to show a variation in skin tones through the team so have painted this little fella quite a dark colour

I think I might be a little too subtle with the blending when looking at him close up but like the look of it at arms length ( [the smaller photo] which is the distance you really look at a miniature anyway). Painted the base yellow as that was the catcher indicator in the original game and I thought the blood slatter on the grass helped it pop, but will use it sparingly.

one down, far too many to go.......

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